How Long Should A 4 Month Old Be Up For

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lin7604 - February 19

my ds will be 4 months on saturday adn i was wondering if the 1-2 hr awake time peroid still goes for a 4 month old? some days lately he has been fighting his naps and other days he will still crash at the 1.5 hr of awake time.


mosley12 - February 19

ds is the same. sometimes he will be up for up to 4 hours without sleeping and scream if i try to put him down for a nap, tan other days its every hour -2 hours he's napping. soem days he naps for 2 hours at a time others only 15 minutes. his night scheduled is always the same, and his sleeping is usually the same, no matter how his napping is


jenrodel - February 19

ds is almost 5 months and is generally awake for about 2 hours between naps during the day. His longest awake stretch is in the evening between his afternoon nap and bedtime and is usually around 3 - 3.5 hours.


ash2 - February 19

I think at this age they still tend to sleep a good bit, but not as much as a newborn. DS is 8 months old, and still takes about 4 naps a day. If i dont let him, or we are out and about during the day, he still fits in 2 naps.


CaliTrish - February 19

My ds is 19 weeks. He's usually up for 3-4 hours at a time with naps ranging from 15 mins to an hour in between. For the most part, the less he naps, the earlier he crashes out for the night.


lin7604 - February 19

so does he wake up earlier then in the morning. i have found that my ds is waking up earlier when he fights his last nap and goes to bed earlier.


CaliTrish - February 20

If I don't feed him before I go to bed, he'll wake up a little earlier for his middle of the night feeding. However, he pretty much sleeps till 8am regardless what time he went to bed.


KLT - February 20

my ds fights sleep always. He doesn't nap as much as he should. He will go hours without napping then maybe crash out for 20 mins then wake up again. If i'm lucky he'll sleep for an hour. The other day when I was home with him, he did sleep for a good 2 hour nap but only because I napped with him. I would think with him not napping as he should he'd crash out hard at night, but he fights that too.



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