How Long Should I Wait To Get Back On Track

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lin7604 - January 25

We just had a 2 week vacation in meixo and ds did exceptionally well. He napped and slept great in his play pen every day ( i was very worried about it) but we got home on wed am and he freaks evertime we put him down for a nap or bedtime now? I do know he is sick ( diaherra) and did get 2 new molars on vacation adn i think his last one is trying to come through too, so all of this could be affecting him. So how long do you think i should wait till i nip it in the butt??? He screams hysterically when he is put down right now and i have to rub his forehead to get him to sleep, but even last night he woke up many times i just brought him to bed with me and he still woke up crying many times, i def don't want him to think of getting in the habit of coming to bed with me or me rubbing his forehead. BUt i just don't want it to become a habit to have to break after he is feeling better. what do you think?


mjvdec01 - January 25

Sounds like you need to take him to see the pediatrician. Especially since you were in Mexico and now he has diarreah. Although it could be because of the teething, it is better to be safe than sorry. He could have picked up a bug that needs treatment. It is also possible that he is just stressed form all the traveling and needs a couple weeks to settle. I would definitely call the pediatrician and just have him checked out in case.


lin7604 - January 26

well we all got the flue, all 6 of us that were there, al at the same time and when we came home we heard as well from lots of others about this flue that everyone had whiole we were gone and all symptoms are the same. He has gotten better each day just the saem as myself, so i think mexico has nothing to do with it. I will call on monday if this is still the same and see what the dr says. thanks. I was hoping that it was just a mix of everything but i don't want the bringing to bed to sleep thing become a habit i will have to break after. but it is easy to do when it works, right! I just wish i knew what was bothering him, if it is just the teeth, tummy, seperation from the trip as we were all in one room ,etc?????


mjvdec01 - January 26

When you change a childs environment it can sometimes cause them distress. I think seeing the pediatrician is a good idea. If nothing else he may have some suggestions on how to help him re adjust. Most pediatricians have kids of their own and thus some experience that may be helpful to you. Good luck.


lin7604 - January 26

see this is what i thought i would of experienced while on holidays, i brased myself for terrible naps and bedtimes but i was wrong he was perfect everyday for all of them, who would of thought that he would freak once he's back in his own bed??? i thought he would be happy to be back in his own bed? Well i guess i will have to deal with this till monday till they are open to call and see what they say. Today i thought i would wait it out a bit with his crying and hope that he gets it thati'm not going to hold him or sleep with him anymore. He cried for 10 min i went in and rubbed him to calm him down, once he was calm i left. He freaked again, so i waited 15 min this time. I went in again and rubbed his head a bit and he fell asleep. good but now i have to make sure the rubbing doesn't become expected.



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