How Long To Wait After 1 Drink And Bf

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aggie03 - January 16

probably going to open a can of worms in this forum but....Ive read both extremes when it comes to alcohol and br___tfeeding. If I have one glass of wine right after I feed am I ok to feed dd in three hours or should I pump and dump and wait to six? Ive read that as long as you dont feel it your fine....Also, that one drink usually clears your system in 1 hour...and that you should wait 12hours!!... and someone told me a beer a night was ok, but that doesnt seem right either....What do you think?


Mary - January 16

i was told in my b___stfeeding cla__s that your alcohol blood content is the same as your b___stmilk. so if you feel like you have a little bit of a buzz, thats how much is in your b___stmilk. pump and dump is a waste. if you drink a gla__s of wine right after you feed everything will be ok. promise.


aggie03 - January 18



olivia - January 18

i agree with mary. it's fine as long as you don't feel drunk you can bf. pump and dump is a waste of time and milk.


krc - January 18

i drink one beer a night. I have heard that the baby gets as much as you feel as well.'s not like your milk is tainted with 5.5% alcohol volume, LOL. My local news did a segment where a nursing mother drank a gla__s of wine. Then right after, 30 minutes after, 2 hours after, and the next morning, they did a test where she pumped her milk and dipped a test strip in it. If there was any alcohol present the strip would change to a certain color. No alcohol was detected for each time frame after just one gla__s of wine. I think having a gla__s of wine or a beer or 2 is okay. But if you have a buzz..then no....i wouldn't suggest you nurse your child.


aggie03 - January 18

I just feel like it helps b/c I get so frustrated helps me relax...I just didnt feel right having a gla__s of wine every nite. THanks


Emily - January 19

I think the "Rul" is to wait two hours after a sdrink to nurse. Also if you feel you need to pump befroe your two hours, you do not need to dump, you just need to wait two hours before feeding it to lo....It isn't like meds that will stay in the bm. After a certain amount of time it will disapate on its own in the body or int he bottle in the fridge. Also a galss of wine will sometimes hlep boost production.....(I know lots of studies both ways but for me it worked)


Emily - January 19

"rule" sorry



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