How Long To Wait Till You Worry

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lin7604 - January 13

HOw long would you wait till your LO has a BM? I switched my ds last saturday from soy to lactose free and he has only gone twice this week and now it's been 2 days since the last BM. When he was on soy he was constipated like it's known to do, but mostly he still would go every day but it just would be harder and smaller amounts. Before the soy he was on lactose free and he went daily. I just don't know when we would worry about it, or help him if needed?


torbman - January 13

I would give it at least another day. Babies have been known to not go everyday. I am sure within the next day or so he will go. I give my ds some distilled water ( 4ozs and 1 tsp sugar) Its enough to get the bowels moving. I usually only do that the very odd time. He loves the water. You can also buy those glycerin suppositorys. You can only use those the odd time. Won't hurt him at all. You could keep hi legs moving like playing a game with him too. Sometimes with a bit of exercising its gets things moving too. Hope this helps :)Tamara


Kara H. - January 13

Depends on how old the child is. Sometime between 4-6 months babies become much more effecient at pulling out all the nutrients from the formula, so there is less waste. Max started having less BMs around 1 month old. He would drink less and less formula as more time pa__sed. The ped told me if he went 48 hours without a BM to give him diluted baby apple juice - 1oz twice a day until he went. We were doing this so often, that she switched us over to more of a maintanance plan. He would get 1oz of prune juice mixed in with his morning bottle to keep him regular. We cut it back to once every other day at three months, then quit all together at four months. Now that he is six months, we would wait 3 days before giving juice, but I can only think of 1 time we have had to do this in quite a while. He generally goes every day and a half now.


lin7604 - January 14

he's 12 weeks on tuesday, once we switched his formula last saturday he has been drinking less ( from 40 oz a day to 32 oz), so maybe since he is drinking less that is why he is going less. so if giving prune juice how much juice per oz of water?


AshleyB - January 14

WE just switched my 5wk old son from similac advance to the isomil soy formula and it has made him terribly constipated, I did the sugar water thing and the apple juice thing and he's only had two very small and very firm BM since we switched him last monday night. I'm getting worried. He grunts and cries and struggles like crazy, what else can I do? We switched him to the soy because he was very ga__sy and fussy, but he still is on soy too and he's crying more, so I don't know if I should give him a bit longer to maybe adjust, or switch him to something else. I guess I'll call the pedi. tomorrow. Do all babies get constipated on soy? I wasn't expecting that, -first baby.


Kara H. - January 14

You may want to check out the symptoms of AR. I thought Max was having problems with lactose, but I was way off. The fussiness was from the pain of the acid backing up in the esphogus and the ga__siness was from all the air he kept swallowing when he was crying. Google infant AR and rule out that the symptoms aren't similar to your son. Max was a "silent refluxer" meaning that he rarely spit up. The acid would only come halfway up then go back down, burning him both ways.


lin7604 - January 14

well he finally went today, i have been giving him the sugar water. It was stiff and not a lot but he went!!!!!



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