How Long Were Your Nipples Sore

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staci - December 5

my dd is 2wks now and my nipples still hurt! i can't remember how long they hurt wth ds, just wondering whats normal. i have a lactation nurse i can call, but wanted to hear from you ladies first.


January - December 5

Mine stopped right around 2wks.. you could try a nipple shield if it's unbearable. I find that soaking them in a hot bath made a big difference.


excited2bemama - December 5

Mine hurt for a good 4-5 weeks.. and DD never had any issues latching....


c_baer19 - December 5

It was at least a few weeks, I would say over a month. They were killing me.. I wanted to cry every time I nursed!! It's so much better now, no pain at all. Good luck!


mamagoose - December 5

Mine hurt until about 2-3 weeks pp. I should have taken out stock in Lansinoh back then... But by 2-3 weeks, they'd 'toughened up' and also both ds and I were better at getting him latched on.


Gretta - December 5

I think it took about a month for it to go away - good luck - hang in there its worth it!


laurenl - December 6

Mine took quite a while...over a month. But I had yeast..for a long time. In fact, I think I still have a trace of it (still bfeeding after 6 and a half months). But they say it's really hard to completely get rid of.


StarsMoon - December 8

Mine took about 2.5 months. I thought they would never stop hurting. I use to cringe thinking about having to feed her. Then I would cry, knowing that I was gonna be feeding her in a few. Just seeing her come at me, I would cry. I ended up doing ice packs over my nightgown, it helped alot. DD is now almost 7 months and still feeds about 5-6 times a day. My next problem is figuring out how I'm gonna wean her. She loves the b___by at night, actually anytime. She has never had a bottle either, so i guess thats got alot to do with it also. Just hang in there. It will get easier. And the pain will go away. Just wait till your LO puts that nipple in between their little gums and bites down all the while looking up at you and smiling. I'm dreading it when she gets her first tooth.... Good luck and just hang in there.... Stars....


Cevvin - December 8

My daughter was such a sucker in the beginning, i ended up pumping for a couple days and then going back to the b___st to relieve pain.


hollyl2313 - December 8

I had a terrible case of cracked and bleeding nipples. I pumped 1-2 feedings a day for a few days and that completely solved my problem. Also try some b___st cream after each feeding.



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