How Low Should The Crib Mattress Be

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Nita_ - February 9

My 7 month old dd started to pull up on the crib rail and kneel & stand up in the crib. We moved the mattress one level down but wonder if it needs to be lowered more..her armpits are kinda level with the crib rail. How low should the mattress be? And what a pain it was to lower th emattress....remove the bumpers, remove the bed, remove the block, ohh move the crib from the wall...holy cow! Wish we do it once and it would be good for a long time!


Emily - February 9

I would low it again, just ot be surea nd you didn't put the bumpers back on did you? once baby can stand up, you want to have them gone so she can't use them to climb out....


aurorabunny - February 9

UGH I just tried to respond to this and right "aw" except with more w's and it told me I couldn't post a URL! Weren't they supposed to fix that like FOREVER ago??? Anyways, long morning fighting with the crib?? Sorry. =(


Nita_ - February 9

yep, I wonder the same thing! weren't they supposed to fix that w w w thing long time back!! Emily**-i put the bumpers back on, caz my dd rolls around here and there in the crib and if it weren't for the bumpers, she could have come out with lots of bumps on her head! She falls down from sitting position pretty hard too! I heard this way and that about keeping the bumpers or not...they collapse right down when she puts her hands on them though..of course, now am thinking, what's worse, her jumping off the crib or getting bruised? yikes!!


sahmof3 - February 9

I think you might as well put it down now, because it will seem like no time at all until she is too tall for it again.


kellens mom - February 9

Fortunately, I happened to read a post about this a while back. I learned by other's experiences about the ha__sle of the crib change, so I asked dh to lower ours completely when he did it. In less then 10 days we went from a little girl who just laid in her crib, to a girl who could sit up, and finally a girl that pulls herself to her knees. I am sure glad that I listened to the gals on the forum. Otherwise, I probably would be making another crib adjustment this weekend!


Erin1979 - February 9

As soon as my dd could pull herself up I lowered the mattress as far down as it would go. I have to say that I did not remove my bumperpad as Emily had suggested. I think it really depends on the child. My daughter is such a wiggle worm, she ends up with her arms or back pressed up against the bars, and I think the extra padding is better (and prevents her from getting her arms and legs stuck between the bars. Just my opinion)


Nita_ - February 9

Hmm I guess I better get the mattress down all the way down! She's pretty tall for her age, she was off the chart at her 6 month appt. You think she'll grow again?! LOL! Hey, but how about putting her in and out of the crib? Does it kill yoru back when you lowered it all the way or it wasn't such a pain?


ashtynsmom - February 9

We have had our dd's mattress as low as it would go from the start. Our crib is a pain in the a$$ to lower or raise.. so it was just easier for us. As your little one gets bigger, it does get harder to lift them, but at the same time, they stand on their own now, so at our house, Ashtyn is ussually standing up when I go in to get her, so it is not bad at all.


Erin1979 - February 9

Nita, I don't find it bad at all. The crib rail lowers, and I just yank it back up once she's in.


sahmof3 - February 9

Nita... I find it harder on my ribs actaully lol. I'm short so I feel like I'm giving myself the Heimlich leaning over the rail!


sarahbaby11 - February 12

i'd lower it all the way. and at this point take everything out of the crib that se could use to climb on. you'd be suprised how much they will try to climb. better safe the sorry.



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