How Many Bowel Movements A Day

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ash2 - January 18

Aiden, my 7.5 month old is having 2 bowel movements a day. I dont really remember Ashton having that many so does any one know the normal of how many ? He is on table food 9 mac-n- cheese, mashed potatoes, sweet pot., green beans, peas, etc...


Emmie - January 18

my son is 8.5 months old and he has one a day.


SonyaM - January 18

OMG, my son is almost 16 months old and he has anywhere from 1-5 a day. I think it's the fact that he's teething becase they are are not pleasant at all. EEWW, just thinking about them makes me want to gag. UUUGGGHHHH!!!!!!


Rabbits07 - January 19

Mason has varied the past few months. When I first put him on solids he began only going every other day or so. More recently he goes anywhere from once a day to as high as 4 times a day. I've heard that either is normal...even going only every 2-3 days is normal.


rl- - January 19

my ds has always had 2 aday and sometimes I think it is normal my ds seems perfectly healthy ( : his are not runny or anything and eats very well!!


drea - January 19

my dd is almost 4 months and goes anywhere from 1-3 times a day.


Nerdy Girl - January 19

My son is like Sonya's - up to 5 or more poops a day. But its not like diareha or anything, just regular poop. I swear to God that this kid is like a machine- eat, poop, eat, poop, eat, poop.....


ashtynsmom - January 19

My dd is almost one and goes 2 times a day. Usually after breakfast, and then mid afternoon.


jwhite - January 19

my dd will go like 3 days without one, she even went a whole week and so I started prune juice and pear juice on her. I don't know why she is like that. We started giving her oatmeal now instead of the cereal.


ash2 - January 19

Great ! Thanks ladies !!


Erynn21 - January 19

My dd was going once a day, sometimes she'd go 2 days w/out one. She has gone 2 days again and I am getting a little concerned even though it is normal to go every 2-3days, I still worry. She's 4 months and eating cereal and applesauce and she was still having 1 a day until about a week ago, now it's every 2days. I guess it's normal.


Jenn2 - January 19

Hey there! My dd is 7 months old, and formula fed ( organic soy). She is pooping 2 or 3 times per day!!! I am amazed. Before having her I constantly was reading how alot of babies would go a few days w/o pooping, so I kindof expected it, but she has never missed a day yet. I think it ranges with babies.....also, soy has fiber which makes babies poop more.



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