How Many Hours Should A 3 Month Old Get At Night

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lin7604 - January 12

I ahve read too many different things and my brain is about to explode!!! There are too many " do's: and : don't's " from each different book i read. My question is: how many hours a night should a 3 month old have? I read that you ahould consider " NIGHT TIME" a 12 hr block, so if they go to bed at 8 pm then " wake up time" is 8 am. does this sound right to you. what does / did you 3 month old sleep like? Iand i don't want to hear " they were sleeping through the night" LOL. that will only depress me more.


pinkrox87 - January 12

my twins are 11 weeks (5 weeks adjusted) so i dunno if i cla__sify them as being alost 3 months or what but, they still only sleep between 3-4 hours at a time. i have gotten two 5 hour blocks and i thought things were going to get better, but ha! i was just getting ahead of myself. i'd like to hear what the normal times are, if there are any.


pinkrox87 - January 12

i wish they were sleeping through though :D


lin7604 - January 12

i read somewhere on the net 9-10 hrs during the night and up to 16 all together with naps.


Nerdy Girl - January 12

I hope telling you that my first baby slept 12 hours at 12 weeks old won't totally depress you. It depressed the hell out of me because my second baby did not sleep 12 hours straight until 7 months old!! I cannot recall exactly what he was doing at 3 months, but for several months up until that 7 month point, he would go to bed around 7:30 or 8, and then wake up between 1 and 2am, and then go back to sleep until 6 or 7am. Three months is a little young to get too stressed out about not sleeping thru the night yet. How many times is your LO waking? I know that I sound like I must be the PR Manager for this book because I mention it so often (LOL), but I really love Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child. It has helped me so much.


lexa - January 12

12 hours straight? Wow. My 9-year old doesn't even sleep 12 hours straight. My lo is 3 months and she goes to bed around 9ish (anywhere up to 9:30) and she gets up at 4 to eat. She just started that about a week ago. Before that, she was up at midnight: 3am: 6am for the day. She gets up anywhere from 6 - 8am. Depends on the day I guess. Please don't go by all of the books. It will drive you insane and if your lo isn't "textbook" then you will worry that something is wrong with them, lol. My personal theory is to get a routine going and stick to it nightly. Theyll adjust. For instance, we do bath clockwork at 8 pm every night after playing for a little bit. Then she's usually hungry and tired. You'll get there. Good luck.


lin7604 - January 12

i'm not so worried about having him sleep, i know that will come in time but it's the many waking he has at night. My ds goes to bed between 7-8 and will wake up to 6 times a night! I know they all arn't because he is hungry, usually twice for that, but it is all after his first sleep session. He will sleep anywhere from 3-6 hrs and after that he will wake all the time until 7am. I need to minamize these wake times so he can sleep more / better and get the proper hours of sleep so he is not tired the next day.


SuzieQ - January 12

My dd is 3 mos old and she has two "good" naps during the day usually, about 1 1/2 - 2 hours each. She will also have a few 15 minute dozes while she's eating sometimes. She'll usually go to sleep for the night between 930-1230 pm and sleep until 930 am,no matter what time she fell asleep at. This past week she's started waking to eat only once at around 430 or 530 am. I feel like I'm getting some sleep again finally!!! I also nap with her in her late afternoon nap to make sure she gets a good sleep :)


Alison - January 13

12 hours seems alot for a 3 month old to me. Our DD is 4 months and sleeps about 8 at night and we thought that was good! During the day she has about 3 naps. Up until a few weeks ago though she didn't sleep as long it is fairly recent :-) I think every baby is different though, it can probably vary alot. But 12 hours at 3 months does sound lots to me! xxx


jenrodel - January 13

My 3.5 month old sleeps from about 8pm until 7am or so, but usually wakes at least twice to eat during this time, and sometimes for a half hour play time early in the morning! So he sleeps about 11 hours, but waking in between for a total sleep time of about 9 or 10 hours. He generally goes about 6 or 7 hours straight before waking for the first time.


vonzo - January 14

My lo has been sleeping 12hrs a night for nearly 2 months now and she's 16weeks today. I consider myself one very lucky mummy!!! :o)


KLT - January 17

I am told roughly 10 hours at night, with 5 hours during the day (about 3 naps or so). My son doesn't seem to like napping so he tends to crash out all night long. At most he'll wake up once to eat, but even then he's half asleep and only feeds for about 10 mins tops then is back into deep sleep.


KLT - January 17

sorry, he just turned 3 months this saturday.


Erynn21 - January 17

My dd is 4 months and sleeps in 2 approximately 6 hour blocks each night, one from 6-7until 12 and then 12-6am pretty much on the nose. The earlier block has been getting later as she grows, but she's been doing this since about 2 months old. Oh and one other bit of advice, try to limit what you take from books as thses are also just ppl's opinions. I learned that really fast, actually at the hospital, one nurse said one thing, another said something else, and then my doctor said something else. I just don't take any opinion as gospel, just a thought. P.S. you can ignore this too if you want, LOL.


krc - January 17

if I have learned anything it is that each child sleeps differently. Ethan, who will be 6 months old next week, has never slept more than 4 hours straight. When he was 3 months, I remember he still woke up about every 3 hours. My friend whose daughter is his age says she sleeps thru the whole night...but her 1st two never did!!! So dont fret thinking your child MUST sleep for a certain amount of time or that all babies sleep thru the night...because they dont !


CaliTrish - January 18

My ds is almost 15 weeks. He was sleeping 9 hours straight, eat, and sleep another 3 hours. Then we started day care and he started waking up at 4AM. After nursing a little, he doze in and out for another five hours. We're on week 3 of daycare and just getting over a cold - he's slowly sleeping longer.


Ashleyg - January 23

Mson is sleeping anywhere between 8-12 hrs a night and has been doing so for a month now (he will be 4 months on thurs). he doesnt nap great during the day...fourty minutes here or there in his swing. i feel pretty lucky that i can now get a full nights rest!



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