How Many Months For The Infant Car Seat

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Angela in California - January 11

Just wondering, on average, how many months they're in the infant car seat. I'm trying to decide if I should buy the infant car seat adapter (it's $50) for my jogging stroller, so that I can start going for walks right away with baby. Would it be just a couple of months?


erin - January 11

mine is up to 22 lbs or less than 29 just depends on how long/heavy your child is.


Angela in California - January 11

thanks Erin - but about how many months is that? I just don't know how long it takes a baby to grow to 20 pounds. lol! I know every baby is different, but is there an average?


Kristina - January 11

The average age for a 1 year old is 20lbs...but some babies are 20lbs at 6 it's hard to say.


Kathryn - January 11

We moved Nathan out this month (he's seven months). He really should have been out of it sooner. I think most seats are around 20lbs. or 26".


Angela in California - January 11

thanks guys - this is helpful! Seems like he'll be in it for at least 6 months.


stacy - January 11

my baby is 5 months and she weighs about 15 lbs. i have a bob stroller and i bought the adapter which cost about 40 dollars and it has been worth it so far. i've been able to jog/fast walk with her in her carseat. next month we're going to just use the stroller w/o the carseat and see how she does. she holds her head well, so we figure we're going to try it.


kimberly - January 11

My son is kind of an exception, but he is over 18 lbs., and he is 14 weeks old--I think we're going to have to move him out of his infant seat by 4 months--just something to keep in mind. He was 8 lbs. 2 oz when he was born!


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - January 11

We moved Amaya out at 6 months (maybe a little sooner) The reason we did is because she was too long for her infant seat. If it is just an adapter for the stroller look on ebay or buy one and then turn around and sell it. I would say it would be a good thing to get in the habit of (once they get older you dont want to do anything if you havent been doing it)


newmom - January 12

My son is already 28 and half inches and he just started 4m, he is only 13lbs though i'm so confused..


momma - January 12

my dughter was out of hers when she was4 months becouse she is so tall, but my cousins son was in his until he ws 8 months, and there seems to be several ages posted on here, But i would recomend getting the adapter now even if you dont use it becouse you might be able to use it with another child (a few years done the road it may be pretty hard to find one) and if you dont have other children you can sell it (with the added value of the adapter) good luck


MichelleB - January 12

4 1/2 months. The restrictions were 20lb or 26inches. I hear most reach the legnth quicker than the weight. My baby was 27 inches long and 15lb.



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