How Many Naps A Day Does Your 12 Week Old Take

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ImpatientMommy - September 19

I'm so used to my lo sleeping SO much but these past few days she doesn't seem too interested in as many naps as she usually takes. I'm wondering if at this age it's normal to go a long long time between naps or if I should keep trying to get her to take a nap. Also, does yawning ALWAYS mean that she's tired because she seems to yawn an afwul lot but then at the same time doesn't act tired at all.


DDT - September 19

At 3 months my ds was taking 4 naps a day (5-5.5hrs nap time total). A baby at 3 months can only go 2-2.5hrs of awake time before they need a nap. Even at 5 months old my ds could only go 2hrs of awake time before he got really fussy or sleepy to nap. And yes, yawning is a sign that she is tired. As soon as you see her yawning that is your window of opportunity to put her down before she gets over-tired. GL!


ImpatientMommy - September 19

It just seems like she's CONSTANTLY yawning. Like even after getting up in the morning after sleeping 9 straight hours. It's just weird haha but yeah I usually have her take a nap really easily after 2 or 2.5 hours but these past few days she has slept so little but also hasn't gotten over tired or anything like she never got fussy, and just took cat naps. She's been sleeping for an hour now so maybe she's gonna catch up on this nap haha.


DDT - September 19

Well glad to hear she's napping. I've had a hell of a day with my ds napping. Urgh! Every day is different. It's funny that you mention she yawns even after 9hrs because even after 12hrs my ds is still yawning. He battles to even get through1.5hrs before another nap. I think they must be sleeping very restlessly during the night and maybe don't getting the full amount of sleep we think they do.


squished - September 19

Our lo can go about 1 1/2 to 2 hours of awake time before he gets tired. When he yawns I have a very short window to get him down before he gets cranky. I guess that he takes 3 or 4 naps a day, but sometimes we are running around and sleeps in his carseat too. Some days it feels like he sleeps a lot, but I guess that he needs it or else he'd be up.


wailing - September 22

At 3 months they need 14-16hrs of sleep a day. Ds is 13 wks now and sleeps about that. At first I thought it was too much but apparently not. He yawns alot too:) He takes about 3 naps a day...sometimes a short 4th. He sleeps 830-630. Eats. Sleeps til 9. Eats. Sleeps 930-1030. Awake. Naps 12-1, 3-530 (long nap) then usually up til bedtime. May take short nap btwn. I feel so bad b/c I feel like he's always sleeping. But, if he's up for more then a few hrs w/ out a nap he gets really fussy. Just this week he gets tired at 1130 and by 12 I put him in his crib and he is happy to sleep:)


excited2bemama - September 22

WOW wailing- your lo sleeps alot at night- 8 30 pm till 1030???


gurinsa - September 24

My daughter is 12 weeks old and we are really working on getting a nap schedule down!! The way it is now, she sleeps 8:30-4am, eats, then back to sleep until around 7am. Then down for a morning nap no later than 10am. Then up again and LOTS of activity to tire her out for her afternoon nap at 2pm. Trying so hard to stick to 10am and 2pm so that she gets on a routine.



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