How Many Newborn Diapers Should I Buy

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Angela in California - January 3

I am due in a few weeks and don't know how many (or what kind) of diapers to get. Should I get a variety of different kinds? Any suggestions would be welcome. Also, where's the best place to buy them. (I don't shop at Walmart, so other suggestions would be appreciated!). Thanks!!!


Lacy - January 3

My daughter is 3 weeks old and weighs 7 1/2 lbs. I think newborns are for under 8 lbs. Size ones are a litle big on my girl, but are fitting okay now. I guess it depends on how big baby is at birth


momma - January 3

as far as waht kind of diapers to buy I would recomend try a few brands and see what works best (some babies leak with huggies and are fine with pampers and visa versa) but dont go out and buy too many newborn size my dd was only in them for about 2 weeks and for where to buy dipers check around to find sales and places like sam's club have cases of huggies and pampers for about 30$ and smiles dipers for about 20$ they also have cases of wipes at a great price


terri - January 3

Angela I would recommend only buying a pack to start with because they are only up to 10 lbs and who knows for sure how big the baby will be when he/she is born. I personally like Pampers.


Luludji - January 3

I used 2 packs of NB diapers. They are different because they leave room for the belly b___ton wound. But I wouldn't buy more tha one, you will see what you need later, and they are more expensive than #1. I live in Canada and we use Superstore Teddy's diapers. They are cheap and great.


Heidi - January 3

I used about 10 newborn packs of Pampers Swaddlers cus Emma was only 6 lbs 14 oz at birth. I tried the Huggies newborn and they leaked. Luvs were good but not as stretchy as the Pampers. I didn't put her in size 1 till she was like 6-7 wks old!


Kelly K - January 3

I only used 1 pack of newborn diapers myself. The 1's fit my little girl just fine after she gained her birth weight back.


desiree - January 3

Congrats!! My son was and still is severly allergic to pampers..they are perfumed. Buy a few different brands a generic brand and a name brand. My son used newborn for approx. a month, then on to size 1...but then he jumped to a size 2 in a few weeks!! The best advice I can give is to not buy too many at once, I had to give away so many diapers because my son just woldn't fit!! Also, Huggies leaked for him in the first few months I used Teddy's Choice which is a store brand .


FF - January 3

I went through 2 or 3 packs of newborn diapers in different brands, then my son moved on to size 1 and wasn't using as many. I had to exchange the last pack of 1's that I got as a gift for 2's. I really liked the Pampers Swaddlers but now we buy generic from different stores as they are cheaper and do the job.


Kristina - January 3

I only got through 1 pack before Tasia outgrew them. They onl go to up to 8lbs and alot of babies are born 8lbs already. Did you doc give you a guess for what he thinks babys weight will be?


mama-beans - January 3

My DD was 7.2 when she was born, stayed in the 50th percentile, and she was wearing Pampers Newborn Swaddlers for the first 2.5 months. She was slightly over 10 pounds when we finally went up to Swaddlers 1, but they fit her nicely the whole time, were easiest to put on ( the stretchy is on the sides rather then the back so the back is nice and flat.. easy to put on). However, my niece was 7.11 when born, and the swaddlers only fit her for like 2 weeks. She just had a different shape, fuller figured, so they moved up to 1's right away. It just depends on the baby. Buy one package now, then several of size 1 and 2, as you know your wee one will grow, just not sure what size they will start out in!


Jbear - January 4

Start with one pack. The newborn diapers have less in the pack than the size 1's, so as soon as you can move up to size 1's, you'll be saving a little bit of money. When you're picking a brand, read the package and find a diaper with elastic in the back. Don't worry too much about the cutout for the cord stump...before they made those, we just folded the diaper down a bit, and that still works.


Julie - January 4

We went through a pack and a half. He grew so much they were too small I would start with one.


hp - January 4

Only used one pack of size N.


Jenn... - January 4

Blake was born 8lbs 13oz and the NB were too small for him even though they are supposed to fit up to 10lbs. I had purchased 2 packages and they both went to waste because they were already opened. I would you decide to purchase NB diapers just don't open them and keep the receipt in case you need to exchange them.



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