How Many Of You Are Ont The Mini Pill And Breastfeeding

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mom 2005 - November 11

Hi ladies I would like to know this, Well actually to make my husband feel better. How many of you are on the mini pill and are br___tfeeding and your periods have not returned. I ask this because my daughter is a little over 3 months old and I have been on the pill since she was 8 weeks and we have used a condom everytime we have s_x he is scared I will get pregnant again so soon, well last night he did not put a condom on and needless to say well you know what happened after that. After we were done he was like maybe we should not have done that. He is worried. I am not because I am b/f and my period han not returned and I take the pill everyday. So ladies plese tell me your expierences with the pill. Thanks alot.


Dawn - November 11

I like your question. I am starting the pill on Sunday. My lil guy is 4wks. We have not resumed s_x but I am b___stfeeding also and wondered if I would or would not have a period on the pill.


C - November 11

I started taking the mini pill at 6 weeks and we don't use condoms. My son is over 6 months and I have not gotten my period yet. I did take a pregnancy test a few weeks ago because I was concerned too. It came back negative. You should not get pregnant as long as you take the pill at about the same time everyday. I think there is a two hour window. Also, if you do not supplement the first 6 months you are pretty much not going to get pregnant anyway. The problem is you don't know when you'll get your period and you could get pregnant the first time. That's why I went on the pill. I didn't want to take my chances.


Shelly - November 11

My doctor advised meto use the depo-provera shot,it's the safest for b___stfeeding mommies and it's once every 3 months.I actually received yesterday the american baby magazine and there is an article in there about all the different types of birthcontrol and mine came out as one of the best with the least side effects.I haven't had any yet and that was 8 weeks ago!!!


Tami - November 11

I was just prescribed the mini-pill by my doctor. my baby is six weeks old. He told me that the reason they usually prescribe other types of the pill for non-b___stfeeding women is that it is more effective than the mini pill. He must have seen the look I gave him at that becuase he said that the mini pill is a 1 in 100 chance of getting pregnant, while the regular is a 1 in 200 chance. He also went on to say that since I am b___stfeeding exclusively that there is only a 30% chance of me getting pregnant without birth control so really with the mini pill there is a 1 in 3000 chance of me getting pregnant. That sure made me feel better! Anyways, I haven't felt any side effects from the mini pill and that is great since the pill always made me extremely sick no matter what kind I took. Hope this makes your husband feel better!


bbb - November 12

but i hear the depo provera shot can make you spot aslong as it is effective.


Hanna - November 14

I used that pill, and it worked great. I know your chances are low to get pregnant while b___stfeeding. I wouldn't worry too much. Hey, all babies are blessings.


mom 2005 - November 15

Thank you ladies he feels better now about the whole thing, he just got a little scared. Babies are a blessing we tried for 10 years to have Faith and throughout my pregnancy I worried something would a happen, so my husband doesnt want to see me go through that again so quick we want to enjoy watching our baby grow and not worry every time I pick her up that I am pregnant and am going to hurt the baby. We want to try again when she is 1 year old. Sorry if it sounded like I was rambling


chesley - November 15

what the heck is the "mini" pill?


Can't spell my name! - November 15

oops... Chelsey, not chesley!


TC - November 16

Anyone? Please answer. I don't know what a "mini" pill is either.


Toya - November 16

Most birth control pills have a form of both progesterone and estrogen in them...The mini-pill is a progesterone only pill, because estrogen is thought to decrease milk supply. The dosage is also smaller...this is why it's called the minipill.



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