How Many Of You Come From The Pregnancy Forum

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leslie - October 21

hey ladies..well I had my baby almost 3 weeks ago and I used to be all the time on the pregnancy forum and then I moved here..I just wanted to see how many of you ladies come from there? I recognize some of you :)


Lisa - October 21

I used to go there prior to having my baby as well. I was about 10 weeks pregnant when i first went there. My baby is 8months old now.


Jenn... - October 21

I have been addicted to this forum since I first found out I was preggo. Blake is now 4.5 months.


tiffani~11 days to go!! - October 21

Hey Leslie! I was wondering if you had that baby yet. You'll have to share the details. You had a boy right??? How was your hubby during the delivery? What about your monster in law? :o)


Shelly - October 22

I was on the pregnancy forum as well,Jesse is10.5 weeks old..>hi Tiffani,how are you doing?I see you don't have very long to go, will you go to this forum after you have the baby?And you are having a boy if i remember it right?


monica - October 22

I came from the pregnancy forum. I found this site after having a rocky start with my baby and I needed information. Now my baby is 12 weeks and this site has helped a lot.


chelsey - October 22

Me! I was once a regular there too!Needed some advice and had problematic pregnancy...I just cant seem to leave! Good thing they have a forum for infants here!


Sarah - October 22

I came to the forums after I found out I was pregnant (about 8 weeks). My baby is a week old now. I got some great advice here and read alot of useful things from other posts during my pregnancy. I'm sure it will still be the same since I've had my baby girl =D


mom2faith - October 22

I came from to as well, I was worried in the beginning and came on here and asked a few questions and read the posts,my baby girl is now almost 3 minths I love it here.


HP - October 22

My baby is 3.5 weeks old. I was on pregnancy forum as well.


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 22

I was only on it for a little while, I did not stumble across it until almost 8 mos pregnant and only have internet access while at work, so could not get on while out on leave, but am on infan care all the time, Lucas is 2 mos old


Narcissus - October 22

Congrats Leslie and welcome!! I am the former E, and have been here since I had Aja almost 8 months ago... This site has really picked up over the last month. It's great to have other parents to chat with.


tiffani~10 days to go!! - October 22

Hey Shelly! Wow, your baby is already 10 weeks old??? It's nice to come over to this forum and see all these familiar faces. I've wondered what happened to all the moms i've been chatting with. And yes, i'm having a boy!! :o)


leslie - October 22

I am happy to see you guys here!! I do recognize most of you...have any of you changed your names? I know you did E :) I think a lot of us had our babies on October so that is why there is so many of us now..well I am glad to see you guys and I will be here venting, asking questions, offering suggestions, etc. etc. lol!


Lissi - October 22

Me! I was on the pregnancy forum for about 8 months of my pregnancy. Nadya is 5 weeks old today! Sadly, I rarely get enough time to come here these days. :(


Heidi - October 22

I started out here at 6 wks pg and went from first trimester to third and then to here. My little one isn't even two weeks old yet. I've gotten great advice on here.


Shelly to Tiffany - October 24

Hey Tiffany,it's about a week now,getting nervous? This is your third baby right? If you want to see Jesse he is on and to be on this site it's a "MUST" to have a website sowe can see everybodies baby,it's not really a must but it's fun though!!! I like this site a lot more than GP,it can get pretty heated here but not as often as over there,i guess we are not that hormonal anymore LOL!!!



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