How Many Of You Have An Annoying MIL

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jokes123 - January 23

My mother in law drives me crazy!!! I am so tired of her telling me what to do. Can someone please tell me if I am just over reacting or if you would be annoyed by this too, but the other day we went bowling around noon and I brought some yogurt for my son and was just going to buy him something from the alley. Well, my MIL walks up to us when we get there and asks, did you bring him any lunch? And I said no, we are going to buy him something here. She says well I brought him some lunch so I will feed him. I never buy him fast food or anything like that so I figured a grilled cheese from the bowling alley wouldn't hurt. Does anyone else find this a little weird? I might just be over reacting b/c she is always telling me what to do but I can't stand it anymore. Anyone else have these problems? Just needed to vent, thanks!


apr - January 23

My MIL is a total pain in the neck. I just learned to ignore her. There were times that she really over went the limit and I gave her a good telling off. She knows now to be really really careful, and if she gives her unwanted opinion, I just totally ignore her and then she goes all red and changes the subject.


San - January 23

Oh yes, my MIL is all about the "eat more fruits, eat more veggies" "Zoe isn't getting enough fruits, veggies, need a more balanced diet" and on and on it goes. Funny thing is, she only sees us once every 2 months or so for about 4-5 hrs. I've gotten past taht and tend to ignore her mostly. However, it comes to light the other day that MIL "cries herself to sleep almost every night" because she's gotten it into her psycho head that my 2 year old has something wrong with her. She thinks she doesn't talk enough. GRRR..that p__ses me off. To make something out of absolutely NOTHING. Her speech is good, she knows her words, speaks in small 2-3 word sentences. Ugh. Lol, point of my ramble is nope, you're not alone :)


krnj - January 23

I love my mil but she can be a pain in the b___t at times. She used to be a pedi nurse like 10+ years ago so she thinks she knows everything!


proudmommy - January 23

you are definitely not alone. My ds is 4 months old, but already grrrr. we don't see them often b/c dh is in the air force, but we saw them for a week during Christmas, and oh man. everytime is was time for him to eat she would snatch the bottle from me and feed him, then she wouldn't burp him half way through (like I said to) and he ended up spitting up half the thing. Then she was acting more like a mother than a grandmother. I actually caught her talking to my baby and referring to herself as mommy. Then she bought him a bunch of toys (some from garage sales, sorry not for my baby) and wouldn't wash them. I told her they needed to be washed and she just held them under hot water for 5 seconds then shoved them in his mouth. Grrr. Last thing she was holding him and I came to get him and I said to give him to me and she wouldn't. she literally held on to him like there was no tomorrow. Grrrr. Sorry I ended up venting! But no you are not alone!!!!!


Danielle19 - January 23

my MIL in annoying in the sense she never wants to see her grandchild, hes 7 months and she has seen him 4 times and they live about 4 miles away from us not far, it really makes my dh so mad so i try not to say anything, and he really gets pist because my mom buys lots of stuff for our son and his buys nothing, and to make it worse on my dh she is always babysitting and talking about a friend of her other sons baby no relation to her, well i better stop talking about it its p__sin me off now


EricaG - January 23

proudmommy, I've caught my mil referring to herself as mommy to my daughter before, also! Isn't that sick?!


JenS - January 23

JOkes 123 I can't believe she did that!! WT? I can't stand it when my MIL tries to tell me what to do! She's always telling me that my son is sooooo big! Yes, he's a big boy.. 19lbs at 5 months and keeps telling me that I feed him to much... um how can you b___stfeed a baby to much? Then decides to tell me that her son (my dh) was 19lbs at about a year! (You see my MIL has this weird obsession with food and not getting fat and so she's the same way with my ds! He's a baby for gods sake they;re suppose to be chubby!...(And might I had my ds is not even chubby, he's very tall!) BTW, I know she thinks b___st feeding is kinda gross.... (just the comments she makes) yesterday she says to me... so when are you going to stop b___stfeeding him and give him some real food!! WTF?? grrrr. I can go on forever!


aurorabunny - January 23

Krnj--OHHH WE should talk!! My mil=exact same situation. Sometimes don't you just want to smack her and tell her that none of that stuff is relevant anymore so she should just shut up?? LOL, I do!


ashtynsmom - January 23

That sounds like something my MIL would do! We don't talk, but she still thinks she knows what is best for MY family.


Landybear - January 23

Don't we all. LOL mine just drives me nuts every once in awhile. When she watches ds and we ask her to keep him up until a certain time I swear she never does and sometimes she can just be weird


krnj - January 23

ROFL Aurorabunny!


sashasmama - January 23

Grrr, my MIL never tells me what to do anymore, I clearly let her know early in pregnancy that I know what's going on and I don't need her opinions. But now she watches Sasha when I'm at work part time, and when I get home the house looks like a tornado hit it, my lo's clothes are covered in stains, lights are on everywhere....and guess what?? SHE GOES THROUGH OUR STUFF! Yup, I've noticed things in different spots in closets/storage, and I know she looks through everything. She would also try to put things where she likes them, and move stuff around, and I come home from work and clean for an hour and put stuff up where it belongs. She would wash her clothes while at our house, and it would be like 2 sheets and she puts it on "large load", and would turn the dryer on for 60 min time dry when there is optimum dry option where it goes off when the sensor says it's dry. Since she started watching our daughter our utility bill went up 40 bucks per month. I could go on and on...


vonzo - January 23

its not my MIL thats the problem, she's great its my own mother! Thankfully when its your own mum you know you can tell her to go stick it!... in a polite way of course :o)


shelly - January 23

they all sound as irritating as hell,my mil slags me off thro my ds like mummy isnt feeding you right is she ,your starving arent you ,i say too her have you seen the size of him,i found the only way to deal with her when she really gets to me is to stand up for myself and then retreat for a while,she soon gets the message, another thing that annoys me with her is that she will ask dh if hes losing weight as if im not feeding him properly,or if dh is humpy for some reason she thinks we are having problems and will start silly rumours with the rest of his family, all silly dramas over nothing,i dont think shes happy unless shes in the middle of a drama,me i just like a quiet peacefull life,why do they have to interfere.jokes123 i would definatly irritated by that,your not overeacting,does dh understand,mine does now but only after i screamed at him when she first started giving me grief. when we were there last week my sil was give ds a bit of bread to suck[hes 6 months and hasnt had any finger food at all,i was going to try him on some finger foods at 7 months and i wanted to be the one to do it plus im scared of choking,anyway dh sees my face and intervenes and says no more and mil says to sil oh give him some more,sil says i would give you some more but daddy says no,then they start going on oh the protective father ,dh didnt care what they thought but its not their baby,hes ours,totally sympathise with everyone on here regards to this,hopefully they will get better when our lo s are a bit older,i wont bet on it tho lol.


Rabbits07 - January 23

ugh....this thread makes me thankful for my mil. She's great, but my dh's father more than made up for her being so nice with his evilness.


shelly - January 23

rabbits we should start a thread on annoying fils lol,



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