How Many Ounces A Day Is Your Baby Drinking

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carla - February 5

My son is 5 months old and was 16 pounds at the last dr visit a month ago. He drinks 6 oz bottles every three hours while hes up between 8 am and 8pm, Then goes the whole night with no food. However his last feeding is a nightmare, I can barely get 3 ounces into him, I have no idea why??? Even some of his other feedings he will only drink 4 oz but those are usually the feeding when he gets his cereal mixed with formula but i give him his bottle before his food. So all together with what he drinks and what i put in the cereal hes getting about 28 oz a day but sometimes only physically drinks 24oz...shouldnt he be drinking more???


drea - February 5

maybe you could try giving him more but less frequently. like 7-8oz every 4 hours or so. My dd drinks 8 oz every 4-5 hours so she generally has about 32 oz of formula a day (2 times with rice cereal). She usually has 4 bottles from when she wakes up to when she goes to bed. She is also on the big side though. She's 4 months and weighs 18ibs 4oz 26 1/2 in long. Hope this helps.


drea - February 5

oh Carla I just thought of something else....what size nipples are you using? does he seem frustrated while eating b/c maybe he is sucking too hard and getting mad. just a thought


Carla - February 6

Hi drea thanks so much for your response, Yes maybe i should try cutting out one bottle and try every 4-5 hrs. He drinks avent and is on a stage 3 nipple, he started on a 1 then moved to 2 now he is on a 3 because he was getting frustrated. The next flow nipple a 4 says they have to be 6 months....maybe icould try earlier, i think thats the last stage though...then what lol


mandee25 - February 6

My ds is 11 weeks old and he drinks about 30 oz per day. He is getting up once in the middle of the night for about 4 oz though. Usually he takes 5 or 6 oz. at a feeding and is still on the stage 1 nipple because the fast one makes him spit up too much.


jwhite - February 6

dang my dd really doesn't eat much, but her ped says she's alright. She is 6 months old and weighs only 13.6, she was 6.12 when she was born. I am pet_te though so the doctor said she will be too so she's not worried. but my dd has been having 4-5, of 4-6 oz bottles a day plus cereal/fruit in the morning and then oatmeal/veggie at night, but she has never eaten over 25 oz of formula in a day. Is that strange?


Hana - February 7

I had the same problem with ds but i didn't clock on that the more i increased his solids the less milk he drank. So when he begins to eat less milk i decrease solids. He's 5 months next week and weighs 17.3 pounds and eats on average 5-6 bottles of 4-6oz a day with a rusk on one of his bottles and i alternate with fruit/veggies- basically on e-two meals of solids a day and sometimes no solids a day to give him a break.


kris313 - February 7

My daughter is also 5 mos. She drinks between 25-30 oz. a day (between 6 am and 10 pm) and has rice cereal twice. She doesn't get up during the night to eat either. And like your son, she doesn't always drink all 6 oz. So your son sounds perfectly normal to me!



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