How Many Ounces Of Milk Does A 4 Month Old Eat A Day

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nino3 - March 5

My baby just turned 4 months old and is a good healthy weight. He drinks about 5 or maybe 6 bottles of milk a day with 5 ounces each time. Lately he doesnt ask for food but i still feed him every 3 hours. Sometimes he"ll drink all the bottle but most of the time he will leave 2 ounces in it. He wasnt like this before and he used to drink even more bottles a day because he woke up during the night too. Now he sleeps like 10-11 hours straight. Is this normal. How many ounces should he be eating at 4 months. I still havnt started with the food yet cause he hates it so the milk is the only nutrition he gets. He just strated this recently and im scared he will start to loose weight. He is 16 lbs right now. Please help, im worried out of my mind.


HeavenisMine - March 5

My girl is almost four months old, and she eats maybe 20-24 ounces a day. She never exceeds 25. I have always been worried if she is getting enough but she seems happy and healthy and striving, and much like your little man she used to drink maybe a little more, like 27 or 28 ounces. Many girls tell me they'll eat what they need. If he starts to seem out of character, you could always take him to be examined, but as long as he seems happy and normal he is likely alright. I have a baby sleeping 10 to 11 hours each night as well, we should celebrate that!!


cubbie - March 5

At around 4 months babies are ready to go from 3 to 4 hours between bottles, don't forget that as he gets older his weight gain slows down too. I would over the next couple of weeks go longer between feedings. Start by feeding him every 3 hours 15 mins for 3 days then 3 1/ hours for 3 days, then 3 hours 45 mins for 3 days and then every 4 hours. Good luck!


Canada - March 5

I remember when my daughter was 4 months I was wondering the same thing...I never really found a straight answer because I think it varies for each kid, but I read they can eat anywhere from 20 to 30 oz. a day and my daughter was definately near the 20 oz. and she is doing just fine and didn't lose weight. Hope that helps...


docbytch - March 6

God everyone else's baby makes my boy look like a hog. But...he WAS 10lbs8oz at birth!! He's been scarfing about 32-40oz/formula a day for several weeks. He will be 5mos on 3/9. Doc told me during the 4 month checkup that he is ready for solids based on the amount he eats. No...he is NOT a fat kid at all. Big, muscular for a baby (like we all are in my family), strong, and just.....HUNGRY!


andrea21 - March 6

For the last week and a half my son has been drinking between 24 -29oz of formula a day, before that he was drinking 28-32oz a day and even drank 37.5oz once! - I was worried about the decrease in his milk intake but his doctor said it was fine - he is also on solids now but not alot, 1-2 tablespoons of vegetables and 1 ounce rice a day. He is 20 weeks 1day today.


nino3 - March 7

Thanks guys, I still get soo worried though. I guess i will starte feeding him every three hours but should i give him more milk? I only feed him like 5 ounces each time and man, its a ha__sle trying to make him drink it. Most of the time he wants to stop after drinking three ounces. I actually have to coach him to drink he rest but lately he doesnt want it at all. Thanks for the input though and i suppose 20 ounces a day is normal then. I just dont want him to loose weight. Thanks again.


jen_c - October 13

I have just found this post and all I can say is, THANKS!! I was worried that my little girl wasn't eating enough during the day about 30oz (she is 14 weeks). This has really put my mind at rest and will just go with the flow and let her tell me what she needs instead of being a neurotic mother!! Thanks Jen


gabbysally - October 13

my little one was 10lbs, 3 ounces at birth, now is 8.5 weeks and weighs about 13.5lbs. she eats about 24-27 ounces a day and seems totally satisfied with it. so maybe that helps you compare?? she's been eating the same for almost 5 weeks so I too have been worrying thinking we're not feeding her enough. but I think they'd tell us, since babies are so vocal about everything else right!!



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