How Many Oz Is Your 9 10week Old Eating

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Heather - October 28

Just wondering how much i should pump to give my daughter, she was getting 4 oz and that was too much so i cut it back to 3 and this week she is still hungry after a bottle, so how much are you giving your babies?


S - October 28

When pumping you should empty both b___sts out completely. I'd let her eat as much as she wants.My son is 5 weeks and I am pumping. Sometimes he eats 2.5oz and sometimes he wants more after a bottle.there are times when it seems he is just thirsty and needed a drink. It all depends. I feed on demand so I dont really keep track of the ounces I just have a general idea. hope this helps


KrisD - October 28

Hi - my 8 week old only seems to want 2-3 oz per bottle. I always make 4... and it is rare when he drinks the whole thing. Maybe once a day...


mommy of 2 - October 28

wow my 5 week old must be a pig. he has been eating 5-6 oz for the past week or so, and sometimes he will eat more!


KrisD - October 28

Mommy of 2.... I'd say that is pretty good! I am jealous!


mommy of 2 - October 28

yeah we started putting cereal into his bottle right before bedtime because he was eating every 1.5 hours or so, and the cereal helps him sleep better. he still wakes up to eat about every 2-2.5 hours.


KrisD - October 28

How much cereal do you put in the bottle? Does he have a hard time with the nipple?


mommy of 2 - October 28

we have a cereal bottle that was given to us, and we thicken the formula until it is the consistancy of oh maybe yogurt. he doesn't have a problem with it, and we make sure he is fairly alert so he won't aspirate.


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 29

My 10 week old eats 4-5 oz every 3-4 hours. He usually goes 5 hours at night and then takes 6 oz. He gets cereal in his bottles as well for acid reflux. In a 24 hr day he takes about 32 oz altogether.


jess - November 3

my 3 week old is eating about 4 oz a feeding....seems like alot to me.


Jamie - November 3

I think the rule of thumb is 2.5 ounces per pound of baby per 24 hours.


TC - November 3

My 9 wk old is 14lb 4 oz and he drinks a lot!!! He drinks about 6 oz every hour and a half. I pump and give him formula and I feel like I am always feeding him. He does not drink the 6 oz straight. He takes breaks in between, so I am always giving him something to eat.



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