How Many Oz Should A 9week Old Take

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LisaB - March 5

My sisters lo is 9 weeks he only will take 3-4 oz at a time her doctor said he should be taking more I nursed so I have no idea how much ds took at once help please.


LisaB - March 5



snugglybugglys - March 5

3-4 oz is just fine. he is only 9 weeks old. Some dr's are just crazy I think. :)


Smilefull - March 5

uhm, there's an equation-- if he's say 9lbs, times by 2--that's 18 oz a divide by number of feedings---HOWEVER. 3 to 4oz sound about right to me, and aslong as she keeps gaining weight---she's a "thriving" baby (ie. not lethargic, cries non-stop etc.) your sister shouldn't have to worry!!! (;


ElizabethAnn - March 5

i wouldnt worry, my son is almost four months and still only drinks 4 oz at a time, (but like every 2 hours during the day) we're just starting to get him to drink 6 oz at a time. Every baby is different!


Renee924 - March 5

my 8 week old only eats about 3-4oz at a time and she's putting on weight pretty good. Our pediatrician says most babies her age eat between 4-6 oz every 3 or 4 hours. I don't worry about it as long as she's putting on weight. I feed her when she's hungry. She weighed 6lb 5oz at birth and is now 9lb. 14oz.


hthab - March 5

I agree with everyone. My ds is 9 weeks today, and if I give him b___stmilk in a bottle, he drinks about 4 oz. I tried giving him 5 oz this morning, and he spit a bunch of it up, so I a__sume his little tummy isn't ready for that much yet.


AshleyB - March 5

The rule of thumb is that for every pound your baby weighs he should take 2.5oz. So if he weighs 10 lbs he should be eating about 25oz in a 24hr. period. But every baby is different, and you can't put textbook to all babies, so it's just a rule of thumb, so take it as you want. My ds is 12wks and still only drinks 4oz at a time usually. So some babies make up their own rules. As long as he's got lots of wet diapers and gaining weight, he's fine. Good luck


tinkri - March 6

My ds is 7 weeks and I bf. I have pumped and given him a bottle and the most he will drink is 3.5 oz. He still nurses every 2 hours and has gone from 9lbs 2oz at birth to 16lbs in 7 weeks. No that was not a typo...16 lbs! lol



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