How Many Put Their Babies On Their Belly S To Sleep

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dedaa - June 11

Hello I have a 7 month old baby boy.Who is os incredibly beautiful but anyways he just fell asleep on his belly tonight for the first time and he looks so comfortable. I get nervous about him sleeping like that, I worry that he might suffocate.I know that it probably won`t happen but I can`t go to sleep at night with him on his belly without worrying. Does anyone put their babies to sleep on their belly`s at night? HOw old are they?


JAI - June 11

Dedaa my little guy is just over 7 months old. I felt the same way as you, but he wants to sleep on his tummy, does not matter what I do he always goes right back to his tummy. He always keeps his face to the side, and I check on him alot, but everyone tells me it is okay at this age.


Mommy - June 12

I heard that once your baby is old enough to roll tummy to back and vice versa it's okay for them to sleep on their bellies. Both my boys did.


dedaa - June 12

Ok thanx ladies! It is so frightening I find though. I know there is probably nothing to worry about butI find it so hard to relax when he is sleeping on his belly.


Nerdy Girl - June 12

At 7 months, can you actually contol what position they sleep in? My son is 6 months and whether or not we put him on his belly or his back, he will turn onto his side. It's so cute because he looks like a little adult side-sleeper.


tiffani - June 12

I do! It really wouldn't matter if I didn't, he'd end up on it eventually anyways. :o)


Marlene - June 12

My son sleeps on his tummy and he is 3 1/2 months old. He has been sleeping this way for over a month now. I know its scary but your son is old enough to roll himself over so he will be fine.


HannahBaby - June 12

Once my daughter realized that she could get out of her wedge and sleep on her tum (about 7 months) there was no stopping her. I started out laying her on her back anyway and let her fight to get on her tum, but eventually i gave up and just started putting her on her tum. Once they can get there themselves it doesnt matter if they sleep in their backs or tummys.


HannahBaby - June 12

However i do think that 3 1/2 months is WAY to young to let your baby sleep on his tum Marlene. The risk of sids is still VERY high at that age.


Sarahsmommy - June 12

Sarah sleeps on her tummy, she's 6 months old and has been doing it for about a month. I freaked out at first to cause she rolled over on it herself, i tried turning her over and she flipped right back. I let her do that a few nights, and now when I put her down I just put her on her tummy.


sc_august - June 12

My daughter slept on her tummy at 3wks old. she was more comfortable and sleeping longer on her stomach than her back. she was also able to hold her head up already, which i was shocked and she is still doing it at this point. I do admit i was scared w/ her having the possibility of suffociation however, i was sitting by herside the whole time making sure she is able to breathe. We have not adjusted her to sleep on her back but it's really your discretion on when you feel comfortable having your baby sleep in their tummy. at 3 months my baby was able to roll over her tummy-- talk about an advance baby.


mama3 - June 12

Looks like I'm with the very few women that there babys sleep on there tummys at ayoung age. All my girls slept on there tummys young. My 1st was 9 days, 2nd was about 14-17 days old and this one was about 7 days. They all were able to hold there heads up and move it back and forth. An I place them in a the ba__sinett with the head raised a bit. I always was worried about it, but they sleep very well this way and I keep them close to my head... As I am a very light sleeper. There hic-ups wake me, lol. With my 2nd I didnt like the idea of her being on her back as she had reflux very bad and would vomitt alot!! Being on her back it would just stay in her mouth. So there was more danger of her drowing in it than her being on her tummy. I guess once they can hold there head up and move it back and forth its ok... Corse just my opinion. All my girls are ok so far. :) So I dont think I'm doing to bad, lol.


Jamie - June 13

I still put my 10 month old down on her back, but she will roll around until she's comfortable - most of the time it's crouched on her knees with her arms underneath her and her face wedged into the mattress or pillow. (yes she has a very thin flat pillow, I okay'd it with her ped, it helps her to sleep in her crib on nights when DH and I don't want her in our bed.) Anyway - back in the day, early 80s, it was thought that tummy-sleeping helped prevent it's thought that back-sleeping helps. My opinion is, go with what your gut tells you. If you think your LO will do better on his tummy, put him on his tummy. At 7 months, he can probably shift enough that he won't suffocate, even if he can't roll over reliably or crawl yet.


CarolA - June 13

hey im with you marlene, my son is now 4 months, but he's been on his belly for about a month now. He wont sleep any other way. when he's on his back he wakes himself up every couple of hours. Since putting him on his belly he sleeps at least 7 hours at night, sometimes longer. And he can lift his upper body up, so i dont worry too much about it. Besides, i put him on a flat matress, with just a sheet under him, so it cand bubble up around his nose/mouth. We both get more sleep at night, and im happy with the situation.


erenimi - June 13

my daughter is 2 1/2 months and will not sleep any other way. I hate doing it, but otherwise both of us are cranky from lack of sleep


galvquodi - June 13

The ONLY way mine sleeps is on her tummy. I bought a medical device called babysense II. It monitors her breathing. I also sleep in her room (and will until she's done with the six month shots).



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