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luckysunshine - January 25

How much formula should a 6 month old be drinking each day? My baby recently started solids and seems to have stopped drinking as much formula as he used to. Any advice as to how you fed your baby at around 6 months? What was his/her feeding/sleeping schedule (with formula and solids)? Thanks.


Emily - January 25

I cant help with the how much fomula but can give you an idea of how often as my dd is b___stfed. It shouldn't very much I wouldn't think. I see no one has answered you as of yet. My dd at 6 mos ate every four - six hours or so. (nursed or took a bottle of pumped milk, from her bottles she would take 6-8 oz, the more she took, the longer she went till her next feeidng) she also got fruit twice a day and rice cereal beofre bath....but only a few spoonfulls of each. Now at 7 mos she is eaitng little bits of table food that she can feed herself. and she loves mashed potatos but of couse we have to feed her them....just little and there at meals as brest milk is still her main diet. she always prefers to nurse for a while before eating solids so she isn't as hungry and has more patience with them


jwhite - January 25

My dd will be 6 months on Sunday. We have been feeding her oatmeal twice a day and then she gets a fruit in the morning and a veggie at night. She has at least 15-20 ounces of formula and 4 oz of juice a day. I think my baby magazine said they should have between 16-24 oz of formula a day once they start solids, It's normal for them to not drink as much once they start solids. My dd prefers her food over her bottle.


Danielle19 - January 25

my son he just turned 7 months has 1 jar of fruit, 1-2 jars of veggies, and 6-8 tablespoons of cerel through out the day and he has 24-28 oz of formula, he sometimes sleeps through the nite, but were doing CIO and it seems to be working ok


jwhite - January 25

I wish my dd was a big eater like that, but she really has never been a good eater. Now that we have started her on solids she loves them. She gets so excited when we put her in her highchair, it's so funny!!



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