How Much Are Your 1 Yr Olds Eatting

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jennyr - January 15

How much milk are they taking in a day, juice and what foods and how much do you give them. I have a 1 year old and I am just not sure about anything anymore with the whole table food thing. I give her the gerber graduate meals and she only eats about a 1/4 of it for lunch and then 1/4 or it for dinner. I know the whole rule about the fist but I don't know. Any help would be great!


jb - January 15

I am curious myself. My dd is 11 months and her eating habits have changed a lot in the last week or so. Now I am LUCKY to get her to take 18 ounces of formula in a day. As for other foods, I make her waffles, yogart and bananas, french toast sticks or eggs for breakfast. For lunch I give her grilled chesse, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets or pasta pickups. For dinner I give her whatever we are having for dinner. If it is something she can't eat (steaks or something like that) then I give her ravioli or something of that nature. Between meals she snacks on string cheese, bananas, popsicles (when she goes to grammas!), crackers, pudding or jello. It seems like she is constantly eating, but then I remind myself of how much energy she is burning by walking around, crawling and just playing. I hope that helps.


jb - January 15

I jst re-read my post....I sure seem ambitious when the days starts...then the food selection goes downhill from there!!!! hahaha!!!! I am sure dd will HATE mac and cheese and grilled cheese when she is older!!! Overkill!!!


lenae - January 15

My son just turned a year today and he eats about the same amount you just described of the gerber grads. He also eats graham crackers bananas (not everyday) and cheerios and many other finger foods. But never much at a time. He loves to drink, water, juice, milk, no soda allowed. i know ppl who let their babies have soda and I think its a bad idea. When they are ready to eat more, they will. Just offer it to her an when she wants it, she'll take it, least thats what my ped says. But I give him an 8 oz bottle of diluted juice and all the water he'll drink, and 4-5 full bottles of milk a day. Heh maybe I give too much milk, but he never eats more than a 1/4 of the meals. My 5 year old sometimes barely eats a thing all day and other times he can eat 2x the amount of food I eat per meal so I guess it depends on the child. If she is growing and healthy, I wouldn't worry.


lenae - January 15

Oh and my 1 year old just loves mac n cheese and peas on the side lol. Mac n cheese, does a baby good lol


ren05 - January 15

hi, my ds will be one in a few days & this is what he eats most days. Breakfast- bottle 8 oz then bowl of rice cereal & fruit. Morning tea- tub of yoghurt, Lunch- sandwich & cup of juice, afternoon snack- banana & bottle 8 oz then for dinner i make him mixed veggies with meat or sometimes scrambled eggs, he then usually has a piece of toast & cup of cows milk before bed.he drinks about 3-4 cups of water a day depending on how hot it is.i just have to ask what is mac & cheese, i'm from australia so i have never heard of them.thanks


ConnorsMommy - January 15

Here's a typical day of what my ds eats: 6oz. of milk right when he wakes up (7am)... then about 8am he eats either a half a waffle, or one slice of toast, or half a pancake, or about 1/4 cup of gerber graduate cereal and about 3oz. of juice.. then for snack he eats either a half of a banana, or a yobaby yogurt cup, or applesauce..and then about 4-5oz. of milk right before his nap.. then for lunch he eats about 3/4 of the graduates cup things (like the spagetti and meatb___s, shells and cheese, etc. they are 6oz.) with some water... then for snack he gets either carrots, or green beans, or peas, or some other kind of vegetable... and then he drinks about 6oz. of milk sporadically until dinner time where he eats cut up chicken or turkey (about 15 fingertip sized pieces) with mashed potatoes or rice (about a tablespoon) and a veggie... then another 4oz. of milk before he goes to bed (7pm).. I guess I have a good eater on my hands.. and I guess that's why he weighs 23lbs.. lol ;)


Nerdy Girl - January 16

I have a variety of different meals that I make for my 13 month old. I make large batches of the meals, freeze them in silicone muffin trays, then pop the little frozen hockey-puck shaped discs into ziploc bags in the the freezer. My son eats a bowl of regular cereal (cheerios or rice krispies) made with whole milk in the morning, then at lunch one of the frozen discs of something (example - mashed potatoes with chopped up veggies and chicken) plus a yo baby yogurt. He normally has an afternoon snack of crackers or cheese or cut up apple. For dinner he has another one of my frozen meals plus applesauce or something like that. At all three meals, I also offer him bits of finger foods of whatever we are having but I find that to be just "nibbles" for him and he still needs me to spoon feed him the bulk of his meal. He mostly drinks water with meals, but I wish I could get him to take his whole milk at the table with meals. Right now he is still doing two bottles of whole milk each day - before the afternoon nap and before bed.


Nerdy Girl - January 16

Almost forgot- when he get up really early and is hungry and yelling, I don't want to cause noise that will wake my older child, so I will sometimes give my son a few ounces of formula in my bedroom to hold him over until we all go downstairs together for breakfast. I keep a formula can in my bedroom so I can just mix up a few ounces in those situations.


jb - January 16

Ren05, mac n cheese is basically elbow macaroni noodles with a cheese sauce on them. It is super easy to make and kids love it....well adults do too!!!! MY dh is addicted to the stuff!!


ren05 - January 17

jb, thanks for your reply all i kept thinking of was a big mac from mcdonalds i know no one would be feeding that to their babies of course, pretty silly of me. oh well they sound nice anyway.



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