How Much Does A 5 Month Old Spit Up

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amanda17 - October 24

My dd is going to be 5 months in about a week... And lately she's been spitting up after every meal, some times 2-3 times. It's not projectile. Sometimes it's just a tiny bit, then other times it's an average amount. I've tried acid reflux medication on her before with no luck, and she seems to be spitting up more and more.


stefkay - October 25

Hi, my daughter is almost 16 weeks and she spits up all the time too. It isn't like vomiting, it just comes out and doesn't even fase her at all. She'll even be smiling and a small waterfall will come out of her mouth! I've gotten to the point that I don't put her nice clothes on her until right before we go out because if I don' t have a bib on her they are ruined. She drools a lot too. I keep cloth diapers for spitup rags in every room of the house because I seem to never have one when I need it. I thought this was normal, so if it's not, someone let me know and I can ask her dr. about it! I give her gas drops and have for some time. Mainly when she is fussy after eating, but it doesn't seem to help with the spitting up.


amanda17 - October 25

My daughter is the same way, except that she gets fussy during and after eating. Sometimes she will stop in the middle of a meal to cry, then won't latch back even though she's hungry. I talked to several nurses and doctors about it, and most thought it was acid reflux. I would mention it to her pediatrician.


meg - October 25

My dd is 4 months today & does the exact same thing. My ped. also thinks it is reflux. She told me that as long as my dd is gaining weight then there is no need to put her on medication. I'm just hoping that it will end soon!! I'm right there with you on the not putting on nice clothes until right before we leave stefkay!


ChattyKathy - October 25

If you are formula feeding, maybe try offering a little bit less? sometimes babies spit up if theyve eaten too much. Otherwise I'm not sure.


Malica - October 27

My DD was a messy, messy girl too. I used to avoid tummy time because she would always spit up at least once in the 5 minutes she was on her belly. I ended up buying a cheap rug for her to do tummy time on that we later threw out when we were finished with it. She spit up until around 6 months old. Up until then she was constantly wearing a bib even if we were out. It didn't bother her at all (it wasn't painful for her, and she continued to put on weight), so there's nothing that needs to be done at that point but grin and bare it until they outgrow it.



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