How Much Does He She Go At Night

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Shanna - May 11

Silly question I guess but I was just wondering how heavy your little ones diaper is in the morning? my daughter usually drops off to sleep between 7 & 8 and I normally do not change her during the night but in the morning, her diaper is so heavy with pee, is it normal for a 4 month old to go that much? shes on formula and cereal and goes thru the night without a bottle. As far as we know, shes healthy. anyone elses baby seem to go alot? thanks.


jb - May 11

My dd is almost 13 weeks old and sleeps from 8pm until 7 or 8 am. I don't change her until morning either. Her diaper is heavy enough to use as a shotput!! The thing must weigh as much as she does!! It is quite normal for them to 'fill it up' so to speak.


Shanna - May 11

thats about how heavy hers is, didnt know that much could come out of someone so small!


psychology - May 11

My daughter (3 months) does not sleep all night girls are lucky!! Her diaper is FULL in the morning too.


pbj - May 11

Oh mine is 6 mths and it is so full that in the morning when I pick her up I sware she's gained weight overnight.


jessb - May 11

My baby girl usually sleeps about 7 hours at night, and her diaper is really full every morning. Sometimes theres even a poopy suprise! Not usually though. The last time i change her for the night i slather on some diaper rash cream, just to protect her skin.


Rabbits07 - May 12

My ds is 6 weeks, he DOES have a dipaer change in the middle of the night and his diapers still felt like they weighed a ton. We have switched to cloth now and I guess where those little jelly b___s aren't in there the diapers don't feel as heavy....but he still soaks the diapers.


Dana - May 12

My dd is 4 months now and sleeps from 9pm to 6:30am. That morning diaper is so heavy. It makes me laugh every morning thinking that diaper HAS to weigh more than she does. Like you JessB, I slather on the Desitin before she goes to bed, just for that extra protection.



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