How Much Does Your 2 Month Old Eat

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Jaceysmom - January 30

Jacey just turned 2 months yesterday, but it seems like lately she hasnt been eating as much as she once did. I br___tfeed and supplement formula when needed. She used to eat 4 oz every 2-3 hours now she might take four 5 oz bottles a day. Does this seem normal to everyone or should I ask the doctor? At her 2 month check up she weighed 11lbs 6 oz..( weighed 6lbs 13 oz at birth) She is in the 90% according to the charts at dr.s office. How much does everyone elses 2 month old eat?


Barb - January 30

I don't think she's far off from normal,seems to me they wanted Trinity to eat anywhere from 24-28oz a day...Trinity was 11lbs.13oz. at her 2 month check-up and she was eating around 30-32oz. a day,which the doc. thought was much then,but said it was,she's 3 and 1/2mo. and she's eating 34-36oz. a day, which I think is alot...but I'm not sure. I'm sure they would let you know if they were concerned. You can always call the doc. and ask bc there isn't usually a 3 month visit...go ahead and call and see what they say....


Katie - January 30

My 4 month old still only takes 5 -6 oz per feeding she does this about 5 tmes per day but I checked and she was 11lbs at her 2 month check up and if I remember correctly she took 3-5 oz formula per feeding. I did not b___st feed. Also, I remember not exactly when it was, but it seemed like at one point she began to eat more and than dropped off a little maybe a growth spurt or something. Sounds to me like Jacey is doing wonderfully.


melissa - January 31

My dd just turned 2 months and is also 11lb 6 oz! (8lb 2oz at birth) She normally averages about 26oz/day, but every baby is different. I wouldn't worry as long as she is growing, which she obviously is. Mine is sporadic--some bottles she'll be fine with 4oz, other times she'll eat 7! Like Katie said, probably a growth spurt.


pbj - January 31

My daugheter is 2 1/2 months old. She's been eating 4-6 oz every 3 hours for about a month now. But, every baby is different and she could be going through a change. My daughter slept the past 2 days practically all night and day, then all of a sudden she woke at 4 am this morning (she usually sleeps all night) and was wide awake and smiling. I woke up with her and as I was playing with her she wrapped her hand around a finger from each of my hands and slightly pulled herself up. I would say as long as she's gaining weight, she's fine. Jacey seems right on track with my daughter who was 6lbs 14oz at birth and at her 2 month appt she was 10 lbs 11oz. If she starts rejecting her feeding then maybe call the ped. Good Luck



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