How Much Does Your 2 Month Old Weigh

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Audrey - February 16

Hello all i was just wondering what your 2 month old ways, my son is 13 pounds, was 6 pounds at birth!!!


lauren - February 16

Hi audrey, my little girl was 7lb7oz at birth she now weighs 10lb 6 1/2oz!! She was born Dec 13. She just had her first shots :(


Ca__sieSong - February 16

Last week (2 month appt) Aria weighed 12 lbs 9 oz. and was 24 inches long. She weighed 8lbs 2 oz at birth and was 20 1/2 inches.


Audrey - February 16

I take my son for his 2 month shots tomorrow, how did your daughter do lauren?


Sera - February 16

My daughter is three months today, She was 8 pounds even at birth and at her two month was 12lbs 5oz


lauren - February 16

Audrey, I guess her shots didn't go too badly. She cried a lot, but i figured she would. I gave her some infant tylenol before we went to the doctors i htink that helped. She slept all day after her shots, it kind of messed up her schedule though, she slept all day and was up most of the night, but shes back on track now. Keep an eye on you little gus tempature some babies get low grade fevers after their shots. My dd was fine, no fever. The only thing she got were two tiny bruses at the needle site. Good luck tomorrow, he'll be fine. I think it was harder for me to watch her get the needle then it was for her to get it! :)


Grantsmom - February 16

My son is 2 months and he weighs 15 pounds. 22 1/2 inches.


Ca__sieSong - February 16

Grantsmom, your baby is 2 months (9 weeks) and he weighs 15 lbs? Wow.... that is some big baby! :-) He must be a chubby lil guy.


Kelly K - February 16

My daughter was 10 lbs 7 ozs at her 2 month check up. She was 8 lbs at birth. Not sure what she is now at 3 months.


Grantsmom - February 16

Ca__sie, Yea he's a big boy. It's weird though, he doesn't look really chubby, just huge all over! Except for his cheeks they practicaly lay on his chest, but I think they are precious. He also has little man hands. My husband is a big man, not fat, but 6' 2" and all muscle. He's going to be big like his daddy. His Dr. hinted that we were overfeeding him, but I swear we don't force it. He takes around 7oz. every 3-4 hours. With a long stretch at night. I hope he isn't going to be a glutton.


joeysmom - February 16

Hello, My son was born december 13 and he weighed 7lbs 6 oz and at his two month check up he weighed 13 lbs 12 oz.


Lacy - February 16

My daughter was born December 14 and weighed 7lbs 6 oz. Last week she weighed 10 lbs. 9 oz.


SarahLuv - February 16

noah was 7lbs7oz at birth, at 2 months, he was 12lbs even


Dawn C - February 16

My lil one was 7lb 7 at birth and we were 14lbs and something for our 2mth shots


Jess - February 17

Hehe Sophie is the biggest!! She was 5lbs 11 oz at birth (Dec 16th) now is 15 pound! Shes such a fatty lol


Justine - February 17

Jess - That's impressive. My Sophie was 5 pounds 5 at birth and is now 11 pounds 9 but she was born on 18 October.


lauren - February 17

Wow, sophie is a very popular name!! my sophie is 10lbs 6 0z now!!! When were the other sophies born? mine was dec 13:)



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