How Much Does Your 7 Month Old Eat

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ImpatientMommy - January 21

I know it's different for every baby but I was wondering how many bottles a day does your 7 month old have and how many oz. per bottle? My daughter (who'll be 7 months on the 26th) has four 7 oz. bottles a day.


KOGreer - January 24

I have been wondering the same thing. My son is 7 months today, and is still b___stfed. He starts his day off by nursing, then has three meals a day of oatmeal, fruits,veggies, or meat, and nurses to sleep. But I am wondering if he is getting enough milk throughout the day. I'll try and nurse after each meal, but most times he doesn't take much. And he won't take a bottle, so I don't know how much he is getting. Are you giving your daughter solids? Have you found that her milk intake has gone down once she has been eating real food?


kristine - January 24

Hi ladies! My son is 8 months old and is also b___stfed except for one bottle a day. He has been eating pretty much the same as at 7 months though. He starts his day off by nursing and then has breakfast an hour later. I nurse him after his morning nap (11:00ish), and then he has lunch around 12:00. I nurse him after his afternoon nap (3:00ish), and then he has dinner around 5:00. He then has a bottle of formula (5-7 ounces) before bed around 6:30/7:00. At the 11:00 and 3:00 nursing sessions his interest varies. Some days he takes a lot and some days it is a struggle to get him to take any at all. I have been wondering if I should cut one of those out.


mlm056 - January 24

hi, my son will be 7 months on the 28th. He takes 7oz at 6am, 2 tbsp oatmeal, 1tbsp fruit 1 hour later, 7oz at 12am, 1 hr later, 2 tbsp veggies, 4pm 7oz, 2tbsp veggies and 3 tbsp oatmeal and then 8oz 7pm.-- usually has 8oz somewhere between 11pm and 2am. Ped told me to feed bottle prior to solids to ensure he would get this formula before filling up on the cereal etc.


ImpatientMommy - January 24

KOGreer- Your 7 month old son is only nursing 2 times a day??? I don't think that is nearly enough. If you find that solids is causing his formula intake to lessen then you have to cut down on solids because up until they are 1 year olds, formula is supposed to be their main source of nutrition. You are supposed to give only as much solids as you find doesn't disturb their formula intake.


KOGreer - January 24

Oh no, my son is nursing 4 or 5 times a day. I just don't know if he is getting enough throughout the day because he is at the age when everything else is more interesting. Or he is just full from his solids. His first and last feeds are good ones though. My ped told me to give him solids first, then nurse after in case he is thirsty. Every Dr is different I guess.


ImpatientMommy - January 24

Haha oh okay! Yeah, that is one of the reasons why I could never nurse, I really like knowing exactly how much she gets. I think my daughter might be ready for 8 oz. She's been taking 4 7oz. bottles a day and I knew that was enough for now because she'd go the proper 4 or 4 1/2 hours between a feeding but now she's been getting hungrier earlier and earlier and hasn't been waiting a full 4 hours so for her next bottle I'm going to give her 8 oz. and see how she does with that.


KOGreer - January 24

I am still feeding my son every three hours, which equates to a morning nurse, then three meals, then a night time nurse. I know he can go longer, but again then I am worried if he might not be getting enough milk. How much solids is your daughter getting? I wish my son would take a bottle, sometimes that would make life a whole lot easier!


gurinsa - January 24

My daughter will be 7 months on the 27th. She has a 7 oz bottle at 5am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm and anywhere between 10-1am..We are going to try to cut out the middle of the night bottle soon - hopefully!!!


gurinsa - January 24

Forgot to add cereal/fruit at 8am, and veggies at 5:30pm..


katiepoole - January 24

My dtr has a bottle at approx. 6:45, 10:00, 1:00, 4:00, and the last bottle b/w 8:00-8:30. She has 1/2 a container of fruit and 1/2 container of veggies (Gerber containers) mid morning and then the other 1/2 of each mid afternoon, then around 6:15 she has a full container of fruit and full container of veggies. We've tried the mac & cheese dinner and the chicken noodle dinner both of which she loves. She wasn't a big fan of the plain meats but we're still working on that. She won't eat cereal so we try to put a tablespoon in her bottle once in a while in the morning but she sometimes figures out it's there and is not real into drinking her bottle.


wailing - January 24

Impatient- Our pedi told us that at 6-9 months they should still be getting 24-32 oz's of formula or b'milk a day. Ty is still nursing, but only once a day (in the morning). The rest of the day he gets 3 bottles and they average about 7 oz's each. He gets 2 solid meals a day (breakfeast and dinner). He eats 2 TBLSP rice or oatmeal + 2-2.5 oz's veggie or fruit at his meals. Sounds like Jo is right on



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