How Much Does Your 7 Month Old Weight

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olhdw101 - February 17

My dd is by no means a small baby (born at 9lbs 14 oz). When I took her in for her 6 month shots she weighted 17lbs 6 oz and when I had her in yesterday (7 months) she was AGAIN weighted 17 lbs 6 oz. What the heck, she hasn’t gained any weight in a month. The doctor told me to add a later afternoon meal (cereal + fruit or veggies). Is this common at about this age? She is more active now, could that be it?


Keli - February 17

Molly was born 7-14-06 she was 27 in and 17 lbs at her 6 mos check up. she usually eats 2 meals a day. cereal and fruit for lunch/late breakfast. And cereal/fruit and green beans for dinner.


dee23 - February 17

ds was 16 p at his 6 month check and has his 7 month check tomorrow, we'll see how it goes. he feels like he has put on a few, but he has been cutting down his formula and moves around ALOT. ill get back to ya.


Newhoneybuns - February 17

My dd was botn at 8lbs 3 oz. she is now 4 months and weighs 18 pounds. She eats cereals + veggies at around 9:30 am and then at 4:30 pm she gets cereal + fruits. Doctor said to keep going like that.


ssmith - February 17

There was one month where my dd only gained 5 oz. I was really distressed by it, but my Dr. wasn't!! I totally chalk it up to the fact that they are becoming SO active that they are burning off all their food.


Rans - February 17

Our dd was born July 8/07 and was 7lbs 13.5oz and was 19 inches long. She was last weighed on Jan 30th and was 16lbs11oz and 22 inches long. Doctor seemed very content with that, and we have no concerns. I think your ds is doing well, and like ssmith said likely just very active!


mosley12 - February 17

geez..i knew ds was big but i didnt realize he was so big compare to others..he'll be 4 months next week and he's about 19 lbs. he was born at 7.9 but was 3 weeks early!


Momof5 - February 17

My son is 8 months, but he was a month early.. So going by due date he would only be 7 months. He was almost 9 pounds when he was born and is about 22 now.. He eats 2 jars of baby food in the morning and 2 jars in the evening.. He drinks 6oz of formula every 3 to 4 hours.. He doesn't drink anything from 9:30 at night until 7:30 in the morning because he sleep through the night. He does not crawl yet so I am sure once he does his weight will taper off. I am sure your lo is fine and because she is getting more active her weight is tapering off..


Shannah - February 19

my little one weights 17lbs 2 oz at 6 months and 28.5 inches long. he eats two meals a day


BriannasMummy - February 19

I just pulled out my dd's baby book when she was 8 months old she weighed 17lbs.. then at 14 months she STILL weighed 17lbs. Now she is almost five and she weighs 38lbs!! ~Kristin~


Kara H. - February 19

It would appear that my Max would be the lightweight of the group. He was a 34wk preemie and weighed 5lbs 7oz when born. He was sick the entire month between 6-7 months. He weighed 15lbs at 6 months and 15.5 at 7 months. I'm hoping the little skinny bug will put some weight on! I have been feeding him a lot of avacados since they are high in calories!


piratesmermaid - February 19

Gretchen's 7months old and weighs just over 18lbs and 26in long. She maybe gained a couple ounces in 1month, getting more active. She eats 3meals a day. Cereal with about an ounce and a half of fruit for breakfast, 4oz of veggie for lunch, and 4oz f veggie for dinner, plus b___b about every 2 hours, sometimes more.


Brittany - February 19

My daughter just turned 8 months and she weighs 15 pounds (at her 6 month appt. she weighed 14 pounds), I took her to the doctor a few days ago and the doctor isn't too worried about her weight. I think babies just grow at different rates. I wouldn't worry about it, you daughter sounds like shes at a healthy weight. As long as she is eating and having healthy bodily functions, she'll be fine. I used to stress so much about my first child but I learned that all kids are different.


AnytimeLittleone - February 19

My daughter Eva is 6.5 months, 22lbs and 29 inches. Shes a monster baby. I wouldnt worry about the lack of weight gain, just follow your dr's advice. You could be like me... praying your kid gets smaller!



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