How Much Does Your Child Sleep

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Wellis10 - March 2

Mine is 3 months old and he tries to sleep more now than he did when he was just born. His schedule is,7pm-7am sleeping with a few ups and downs at 7am bottle back down at 10:30am until about noon. Then up until 2pm. Sleeps until 5-6pm. then back down at 7p.m. Is that right? It started when I put him on his tummy to sleep. If I try to lay him on his back to sleep he cry until you flip him over. I would have thought that he would be awake more.


Christy1 - March 2

You are very lucky! My 2 1/2 month old sleeps from about 7 p.m. to midnight and then up and down all night until about 5 a.m. My baby doesn't do great on his back either, but I am too nervous to turn him over.


Wellis10 - March 2

I did lots of tummy time. My lo has a flat head so I wanted him to lift his head before I turned him. He'll be 4 months on the 19th of March. I feel that I have been very lucky with him. He is a good baby I am scared to have another.....The next might not be as good as my first. Anyhow does the sleeping schedule sound right to anyone?


mandee25 - March 3

My ds will be 4 months March 21st, our kids are only 2 days apart. How cool is that? Your schedule is awesome! I have been wanting to put mine on one lately. He goes to bed at around 11 pm now after a bottle and sleeps until around 4am has another bottle and back down until maybe 8:30am and he is up for the day. Between 8:30 and 12 he might take a 30 minute nap and has another bottle, then in the afternoon he might sleep 1 or 2 hours. Has another bottle around suppertime and after his bath he sleeps a few hours in the evening and then it's 11pm again and he goes to bed after his bottle.


Wellis10 - March 3

Mandee25 that was the same schedule I had up until 2 weeks ago. Thats why I think something is wrong? Anyone else have this problem?


AshleyB - March 3

HI, my son will be 3 months next week, and he just started sleeping a full 8 hours in the night. It's great and dh and I are ecstatic about only getting up once. He was getting up several times every night. Anyway Wellis-- your schedule sounds pretty good. Ours is similar, ds sleeps from 8:30-9pm till usually 4-5 and then has a bottle and then is back to sleep till 7-8. Then he usually is ready for a nap around 10am and sleeps for an hour or so. Then usually is ready for another nap around 2-3 sleeps for a little while, and then is up around 5 and starts pa__sing out again around 7-8. Lately when he starts falling asleep for his naps I put him down in his crib and he only sleeps for about a half hour and then cries, I wish he'd sleep longer for his naps. He always does so much better when he naps well during the day.


bradylove - March 3

Hi Wellis10! That sounds right although all babies are different. Mine was quite similar to yours. He's 9 months now and sleeps more than ever! His schedule is 7pm to 6:30am, then nap at 9:30-11:30, then again from 1:30-3:30... He started sleeping this pattern at around 4 months. I have to say I miss him because he sleeps so much! But I know he needs it so I just come on here all the time!!!


luviduvi - March 3

That is how dd was and ds is starting the same pattern. You are lucky and there is nothing wrong. Be careful what you wish for Haahaa!


Wellis10 - March 3

Thanks ladies, this makes me feel better. My hubby says I am a worry wort. That I am streeing myself out over silly stuff. I hope I don't end up one of those moms that think something is wrong all the time. You know the parniod ones. dh says I need to take a breath sometime. Thanks again.


nickie13 - March 3

this sound like my baby shes done this since she was 2.5 months, its sound like your baby just got content on what hes eating.



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