How Much Does Your Lo Poop

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kimberly - September 20

My dd only goes once a day. I remember my first went after each feeding, but I was br___tfeeding. My second went 2 or 3 times a day, and she only goes once. I have put dark Karo syrup in her bottles, but she still only will go once. My nephew has Hirsch Sprungs Disease, this is where he is missing the nerve endings that tell him he needs to poop. It is hereditary and I am just hoping this is normal for her to just be going once a day. How often does your little one go? She is 5 weeks today.


excited2bemama - September 20

At 5 weeks my lo was probably pooping 3 days a day. I wouldn't worry- she is pooping and I wouldn't do karo syrup in her bottles unless her poop is really hard and you think she is constipated.


kimberly - September 20

Well, I am worried that she is fussy because she is constipated. Her poop isn't really that hard, but she seems to struggle to get it out. She hasn't gone more than once a day since birth though, so maybe it is normal for her. The karo doesn't help anyway, so I haven't been giving it to her lately.


Terio - September 20

Hi Kimberly, my daughter is 6 weeks today and only goes once a day usually (although she throws us an extra surprise now and then.. but usually doesn't go more than twice a day). She was going all the time the first few weeks. I can't believe I'm on the internet talking to people about bowel movements - man has my life changed in the last year, lol.


pregnantjackie - September 20

My ds goes maybe 8, 9 times a day. He is 3 1/2 weeks. He also has to really struggle to get it out, yells, grunts, he's very loud. Hope everything is okay. If you have something ;ike that, that runs in your family, you may want to talk to the doctor just to be sure.


kim00 - September 20

my dd is 4 weeks, she goes once a day.


DDT - September 20

Is your lo formula-fed? My ds also only poops once a day since he was about 2-3 months old. Some babies just don't need to poop as often or get one big poop out instead of tiny little poops several times a day.


pregnantjackie - September 20

wow...starting to wonder if my ds poops too much? Is it possible? I bf tho...


TiffanyRae - September 20

Pregnant jackie...for three and a half weeks your lo is normal. He will start to taper off here in the next couple of weeks. My little guy was pooping that much at three weeks and then all of a sudden he is down to three or four poops a day. And i am b___st feeding only. I think as they get bigger then absorb more and more of the milk. So its normal no worries!


ImpatientMommy - September 20

Struggling to get it out is normal at that age, it gets easier as they get older. Right now my little one is 12 weeks and she goes once a day and sometimes skips a day and will go the next. But at 5 weeks I think she was definitely going once or twice a day but I don't think you have anything to worry about!


kimberly - September 20

Thanks girls! I guess she is probably fine. She sees the Dr. on the 28th, so I will mention it to him too.


wailing - September 22

My lo started pooping every 7days when he was 6wks old. But he's exclusively b'fed. My pedi said that was normal for b'fed bb's. He used to go every Sat around 6pm:) So funny. Now he's 13wks and it's more sporadic but there will be days btwn. He also strained ALOT when he was younger. It's b/c their systems and sphinter muscles are so immature they have a hard time getting the strength to get it out. They say constipation isn't how often they go but more importantly the consistancy.



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