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jb - February 27

After I took my daughter (just over 2 weeks old) to the doctor for a check-up, the doctor said I could try formula for a feeding or two during the course of the day. The question I have is how much should I make for her? I know she eats like a pig when bf, but I have no idea as to how much when it comes to ounces. Should I just start with a 2 oz bottle, or should I do more? Any other suggestions or input are more than welcome!!!


KrisD - February 27

Hmmm.... I guess it depends on the feeding - for example, my son eats most after a long nap. I started with 4, but he didn't come close... But apparently my son is a light eater. Try 4... Just be sure to watch for signs she is finished... Squirming, turning head, etc. Don't force it when it is something new to her! Or perhaps you could give her an ounce or two and then finish that feeding with the b___st... Ease her into it...?


Heidi - February 27

Are you trying to switch over to formula??? If you're not, I can't believe your doctor told you to give formula. That's screwed up. But if that's what you're going to do, I'd say at 2 wks old, give 3 ounces and just let her eat till she shows signs she's had enough. 2-3 oz is probably what she'll eat. But if you start supplementing with formula you're going to have problems with keeping your milk up.


jg - February 27

Why did your Dr suggest you start on formula? I ask that because I lost confidence that my son was getting enough from BF'ing, even though everything showed that he was okay, but I started supplementing with formula and that was the start of the end! Within two months he stopped BF'ing altogether and screamed until I gave him a bottle. If you do want to start weaning or supplementing, a 2oz bottle would be fine at this stage - directions are on the tin. But as I said if you really don't want to start the weaning process and your baby is gaining weight at a normal rate etc, then I wouldn't worry about the formula.


jb - February 27

I told the pediatrician that I was only going to bf for about 3 months. She said it was ok to start introducing bottles of formula in at any time. If my baby decides to go to only formula, I can deal with that. I have been giving bf a fair shot, but I am really getting burned out with it (for lack of a better way of putting it).


jg - February 27

I understand how you feel jb. It's true that you can start introducing formula at any time, so if that's the way you want to go then just follow the instructions on the tin of formula - start replacing one b___stfeed (the same every day) with a formula feed, and gradually keep replacing feeds. The night feed then the morning feed should be the last to go. Good luck.


katie28 - February 27

jb - if you are really burned out, just keep in mind that the first 4-6 weeks are the toughest. after that, things get SO MUCH EASIER!


jessb - February 27

jb-Is the pumping not going well? I finally am able to pump. The most I have gotten is 3 1/2 ounces from pumping. My little girl seems to take much longer to eat with the bottles. I dont know if its the nipple or what- I use the stage one slow flow for newborns. But she eats much faster when I b___st feed than with the bottles. Anyways, I would start out with 2-3 ounces and see if she finishes it or if she still seems hungry after. I guess its just trail and error b/c there no way to know how much they are getting when the b___st feed.


Erin1979 - February 28

I did the same JB. I bf for the first 3 months solid, and then I started introducing one bottle of formula every week. By the time she was 4 months, I switched everything over to bottles (except the middle of the night feed....but that went very soon after the formula switch!). I know that it seems difficult, but really the first 6 weeks seem really hard, and then they get SO much easier. If you have a pump, try it and see how things are going. That will also give you a better indication of how much your little one is getting per feed. If you still want to switch to the formula, try 4 oz and see how much dd takes and go from there. Around 3, 6 weeks and 3, and 6 months they have growth spurts, so you may see a change in her eating around those times too. good luck!


jb - February 28

Thank you everyone for your help. I have not yet tried to pump. I washed all the parts but just haven't found time to try it. I have tried the formula once (and I plan on trying it again when dd wakes up) and she took about 1.5 oz. I also let her latch on to my b___st after the 1.5oz to try and make her sleepy. That worked so-so. I hope things go better. I am really pulling my hair out!! Good thing I am a little older (32) and more mature. I don't think I would be able to handle this if I was 10 years younger!!! I think I'd be crying for my mommy!!! (Oh yeah...I still do!!!) lol


Meredith - February 28

I did not bf but at two weeks, my dd was eating 2-3oz.



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