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nicdel - February 10

Hi all, just wanted to know hoe much formula and how often your little ones are drinking, my son is 4 months old and 18lbs(he's a very long boy was 9lb 10oz at birth and was one week early) and he only drinks around 25ounces in a 24 hour period along with some baby rice mid morning and a few babyspoons full of veg in the evening thanks for all your replies in advance xx


GloriaD - February 11

My dd is five months old and she drinks about 16-20 oz. of formula a day. She weighed 11lb.7oz. at four months old. I also give the rice cereal and veggies/fruit every day. She'll take a bottle about every four hours and sleeps about 10 hours straight at night.


docbytch - February 11

hi nicdel. my boy just turned 4 mos old...he was 10lbs8oz at birth and was also one week early, he eats about 5-6 bottles each day...about 5-8oz a sitting. He has not started on solids yet...waiting for the go-ahead from his pediatrician. he eats approximately every 3-4 hrs...except at night when he will almost always sleep for anywhere from 8-12hrs before needing to eat.


Malica - February 11

My dd is 5 month tomorrow, is 15lbs and is still exclusively formula fed. She eats 25oz - 30oz a day (she's starting to sneak in an extra meal every once in a while now). That's 5 - 6 bottles over the course of the day, sleeping about 10h straight at night.


nicdel - February 11

Thanks all thats rea__suring to know i was worried he wasn't getting enough as his doctor wanted me to start weaning him due to his size, can't believe all your babies are sleeping through the night Archie goes down about 8.30-8.45pm and always wakes around 3/4am and then again around 6am. I am going to try to not feed him now during this time as for the last week he has onlt take about 1ounce and has then gone back to sleep so i think he doesn't need it anymore. He has also startedd to play when he wakes and rolls over from front to back and back to front for about 20 minutes gabbering to himself and b__wing bubbles i think he just wants to test out his new skills!!! How ddid you manage to get your little ones to sleep throughout the night ???


docbytch - February 12 boy CAN'T sleep at all for long periods if his hands are free. He HAS to be swaddled or he will get startled. Therefore...he has not rolled over yet..although he is close. He has been on the same bedtime routine since he was about 4 weeks old. He gets bathed and fed and then put down for sleepytime at 9-930 every night. He occasionally wakes up for his binkie...but essentially is almost always guaranteed to sleep through until 5-6..when he sometimes wakes for feeding...other times a binkie puts him back to sleep. He is usually up for the day around 830. We use white noise machines...keep his crib covered (he is in our room since he has no room of his own) and keep him swaddled. I would like to stop the swaddling...but he just doesn't stay asleep otherwise. He likes to be snug as a bug in a rug!


GloriaD - February 12

Be a heavy sleeper! My dd wakes up and will make noise/play/whatever but I don't go get her unless she is crying and needs me. Like you said a lot of the time its habit for them to wake up, they don't really need to eat. Maybe give him a chance to get himself back to sleep before you go in and get him.


Prego1 - February 13

25 oz that's fine. My DD is 5 months and there are days she drinks 24 oz. Most days it's 28 oz. DD was 20 lbs before she hit 5 months.She sleeps about 9-10 hrs at night.



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