How Much Formula Should 8 Month Old Have

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nicdel - May 21

Hi all well my little man turns 8 months on 28th May, he currently weighs 22lb and is on the 75percentile for weight and 90percntile for height, he is now on 3 meals a day he eats these solids really well, he has around 10 ounces of formula morning bottle and breakfast and 8 ounces before bed and he only drinks about 4 ounces of water throughout the day although i am always offering it, he appears happy and content. But really wanted to know is how much formula should he be having a day and also how much water intake as i do worry he is not getting enough fluids, he also has a yoghurt after lunch and fruit after his evening meal as well as finger foods in the day Thanks all


Fall - May 22

Does he eat cereal, and do you mix his his cereal with formula? What does your dr. say?


Crystal83 - May 22

He sounds like a big boy! It seems like he's getting lots of solids, so if he's content then i wouldn't worry too much. I know formula/b___stmilk is supposed to be the main source of nutrition until 1 year so maybe ask your Dr. how much he should be having. My dd is 8.5 months now. She is 19 lbs and is taking in 2 meals of solids, a few ounces of water and about 24 ounces of formula. And a couple baby cookies everyday.


kimberly - May 22

My dd justed turned 9 months and she has about 26 oz. a day still. Sometimes more because she refuses solids sometimes. But, when she is having a good eating day she will have a 6 oz. bottle every 3 hours sometimes 4 hours. 18 oz. if he is eating alot of solids don't sound to bad. I would try giving him a bottle about an hour after lunch and see if you can sneak another 6 oz. in.


nicdel - May 22

Hi ladies thanks for response, i'm in Uk my health visitor said it is fine but i do worry that he is not getting enough milk, he sleeps from 8pm till 5.30am that's when he has his first bottle he then has breakfast around 7.30am he used to have a bottle around 11am but he outright refuses it now, think he likes his solids too much!!! i know he is tall for his age but his dad is 6ft 2 so he is not really abnormally large think i may try and add some formula with his meals, it's seems so strange now as i b___stfed him until he was 6 months so i didn't really know his true intake then although it felt as if i was feeding him all the time and when he 1st switched to formula he used to have around 30 ounces a day but no where near the same amount of solids he has now, he is very interested in food especially vegetables and his fruits the health visit advised me to carry on feeding the same amount of solids ?


Crystal83 - May 22

Sounds like you're doing a fine job! If you are concerned, maybe try putting some formula in a sippy cup for him to drink while he eats his solids.



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