How Much Is Your 10 Mo Eating

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squished - April 25

I'm just curious as to how much you lo's are eating. Our ds is 80% in height, but 40% in weight and our ped said to give him more of our table food, which I'm nervous about b/c he still has no teeth :) He eats about 4-5 bottles a day that range from 3-6 ozs and at breakfast he has a stage 2 fruit, lunch he'll have a meal of chicken and veggie or mac and cheese and dinner another meal. He also eats puffs or mum mum crackers when we are just sitting down to eat and sometimes yogurt as a snack. I feel like he eats ALOT and is just going to be a skinny little boy like my dh and all the guys on my side of the family were. (Were being the operative word here LOL) Are youe lo's eating more than this at 10 months?


britt_m - April 25

Well my dd is a week away from 11 months now, but my she can eat. I think it was her 9th month or 9 1/2 to 10, is when she got her 4 teeth. Before that she ate just about the same things as she eats now. Now she just holds cheerios and bites them in half, just cause she can but still gums them. Their gums are pretty strong, I don't remember if you bf or not, but if you ever got gummed, haha (for lack of better word) it hurts. They are pretty strong as there's teeth under there. But Lexi will have things like 2 scrambled eggs (she eats all of them) toast or yogurt, fruit and cheerios (3 of my handfuls), or I've just started to wet some cheerios with a little cows milk so she'll have a "bowl" of cereal or oatmeal with a smoothie. You get the jist shes a piggy but shes only in the 10% for weight. I think you know what your doing : ), he sounds like he's doing great to me!


eclectic66 - April 25

Our ds just turned 9 months yesterday and eats approx 4 seven oz bottles a day and has 1 jar of Stage 2 breakfast food in the morning or early afternoon and has 1 jar of Stage 2 dinner like (mac n cheese or chicken n rice...along those lines) in the evening. He is in the 97% for both height and weight and honestly for his size you would think he eats more, but we follow his lead when it comes to how much and so far that is about all he requires, but he is also not crawling or walking yet so maybe that's why. Sounds like your lo is right on track!


wailing - April 26

My ds is 10 months and eats 24-26 oz's milk a day. The pedi said it had to be at least 24 oz's at this age. He is a piggy too. He eats 3TBLS grain and 1 whole stage 2 fruit for breakfeast, has a nibble of whatever I eat for breakfeast 9bagel or toast), lunch and dinner. I feel like he is always eating, or wanting to eat. I think your fine. Some babies are just leaner. My ds is heavy but not chubby. I think he would let u know if he were still hungary.


Val - April 27

Squished, what your lo is eating seems like a pretty good amount. At 10 months (he's 11 months now), my ds ate applesauce and oatmeal at breakfast, lunch was 2 cubes of meat/rice plus at least half a stage 2 vegetable, and dinner was often a whole banana with yogurt and more cereal. Also, he had O's (basically cheerios) with all his meals. I wonder about those puffs... my MIL offered us some, but I try to only feed the baby things that have good food value, rather than just foods to fill him up. Those puffs, while not necessarily bad for them or anything, have refined grains and sugar... maybe subst_tute cereal or toast or something instead? Just my 2 cents...


lily10 - April 27

My dd will be 10 months on May 4th and her eating schedule is the exact same as your sons even the amount of ozs in each bottle. Except my dd loves yogurt so I give her that in the morning mixed with oatmeal or she has a stage 2 fruit with oatmeal, then a snack, lunch is a stage 2 or 3 veggie mixed with brown rice cereal, then another snack, and dinner I feed her a stage 2 dinner food or I make her some pastina (organic baby pasta) and mix in a fresh pureed veggie (b___ternut squash, or peas, etc..) and some parm and just a touch of b___ter. I do always offer my dd some table food as she really enjoys eating with us. In my opinion your son seems to be eating plenty. Maybe your sons pedi just thought it would be good to offer table food to get him used to chewing. My dd only has 3 teeth but she has learned to really mash with her gums.



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