How Much Milk And Solid Food Does You Baby Drink And Eat

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andrea21 - February 22

My son is 4.5 months, he is 15.01lbs and 26 inches and used to drink between 28 -32 ounces per day but now he seems to want more, he drank 37.5 ounces yesterday and I am feeding him solids- his doctor didn't give instructions on what to do, she just said that I could start him on cereal when he turned 3months whereas he has been on 1-2.5 ounces of rice cereal a day and on sunday i started giving him 1 tablespoon of squash a day and we started 1 tablespoon of sweet potatoes today which he seemed to like. But I am not sure how much I should actually be feeding him. How much milk does your baby drink per day? And how much of each solid food - cereal/vegetable/fruit does your baby eat or should be eating per day?


excited2bemama - February 25

Well we really didn;t start solids till 8 months. My lo is almost 9 months and she nurses 8-9 times a day and eats solids 2-3 times a day. We don't do cereal or pureed food. Mostly she just eats what we are eating or she self feeds. At 4.5 months you DO NOT want to drop any ounces of milk for solid food. Solids are for experinmentation, learning about taste and texture etc. formula or b___stmilk has more calories and fat oz for oz than Most solid food. So go slow with the solids and don't decrease his milk consumption till at least 8-9 months old.


ginger6363 - February 25

My dd is 6 months and about 16-17 lbs. She's been eating cereal and pureed food for about a month, and we recently started doing cereal in the morning as well as at dinner. She eats the solids in addtion to her regular formula--I usually feed her solids about an hour after her bottle. She eats 1 tbs of oatmeal cereal and 1/3 of a container of stage 1 fruit in the morning. She eats 2 tbs of rice cereal and 1/2 of container of stage 1 veggies in the evening. On average, she is taking 5-6 bottles a day (approx 24 ounces) in addition to her solids. Hope that helps.



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