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snappy - April 29

My baby boy is 10 weeks old tomorrow and I was wondering how much and how often should he be eating. He is 15 lbs. and eats a lot every 2.5 hours round the clock - at night as well and I am starting to wonder if that is necessary? He was born big 9.2 lbs., but he is in the 97% for growth. I br___t feed for the most part, but there is times he needs more and he gets a little formula. How many ounces should he get at a time and how often should he eat... especially at night? thanks ladies


Mari26me - April 30

My daughter was born at 9lbs 11oz and she ate every 2-3hrs for quite a few months.She would sleep longer periods during night night, maybe 6hrs straight. But that only lasted until she was 5 months old. :( Each bottle was around 3.5oz, somtimes 4.I did a combination of b___stfeeding and formula. But if she woke up I would always get her a bottle for about 3.5oz. Sometimes she would finish and want more, other times she did not drink the whole bottle. Basically feed until you baby is satisfied. The one thing babies do best is tell you when they are hungry. I stopped the night time feedings when she was 6.5 months old. If a baby starts off at a larger weight, you need to feed them just as often. They have quite a weight to maintain. My daughter is not really chubby, but super long. She measures off the charts for her height. She is 9months now and drinking 7-8ozs, plus solids 3x a day. Talk to your doctor before you decide to cut off the night time feedings. It is usually around 6 months or later when a baby can go through the night without eating. But again, eat baby is different. Hope I was able to help.


micsmms3 - May 5

My lo ate every 2-3 hours around the clock as well. I suppose it is because we b___stfeed. (that is what everyone seems to say). Eventually, as I was just exhausted, I started giving her 1/2 bm, 1/2 formula for her "bedtime" feeding. (This was somewhere around 3 months) It did make her sleep longer. Now this isn't a sure thing that will work immediately, it will take time, patience, and consistency for them to give into it!!! She is in the 50th %, and would drink anywhere from 3 oz to 5 oz. when she took the bottle. I have not idea how much BM she would take. I wish there was a way to track that. I would just give him a good size bottle and when he has eaten enough, he will let you know. Next thing I did for her 1st wake-up after that bedtime feeding, I would pick her up and hold her close and rock her until she fell back asleep, sometimes using a paci so she could suck and coax herself back to sleep. I did this because I wanted her to at least sleep a little longer (more than 2 hours!!!)- as I knew she had a good amount of milk at her bedtime feeding so. So she slowly started to sleep a bit longer- 3 hours, then finally 4! (Also want to mention, that she is not addicted to her paci at all to date). Sometimes, she would refuse the bottle and only accept b___stfeeding- so I went with it. What else was I to do? ; ) Now that she is 5 months, and she is eating cereal and fruits. I feed her cereal before her bedtime feeding, and 75% of the time, she b___stfeeds and goes to sleep- the other 25% I do the bm/formula bottle in hopes that she will surely give me some time to sleep! She usually sleeps for 4-5 hours, feeds, then wakes up every two hours after that. I only feed her every other wake once she starts with her 2 hour increments, because if I just pick her up and rock her, or pat her in the crib she will fall back asleep without the feeding. I feel that she is just used to sleeping shorter spurts because she really just isn't a good sleeper in general. Her naps only last 20-35 mins. I feel for you, I know that up until one month ago- I thought I was seriously loosing my mind from sleep deprivation. I could barely function. Thankfully, I am now able to get at least a few hours in before she wakes me up. I am still tired, but as my sister said, "now that you have a child you will always be tired so get used to it!" I do think this is the hardest part of being the mom- especially a b___stfeeding mom. No one knows what it is like until they go through it. Some are lucky and have great sleepers, others are not and learn to live on less sleep and no caffine! Good luck, congratulations on your son, and best of luck b___stfeeding- also very challenging- but it is so good that you are doing it if you are able!



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