How Much Should I Be Feeding Him My 6mth Old

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Kathryn - November 16

Okay, Nathan's ped. gave us the okay to start him on solids at his four month check up. For the last two months I've mostly just been introducing different flavors. He never really ate a lot. Now, he has actually started to eat. How much should I let him eat? He will eat a small jar (2.5oz.) in the morning and another at night. I don't know if I should only give him one jar a day or maybe I'm not giving him enough. How much should a six month old be eating? Thanks for the help.


Toya - November 16

I think it all depends on the child. I give Asjani 2 bowls (1/4- 1/2 cup each) of cereal per day, a vegetable(full tub of Del Monte plastic packaged)...and bottles of good start formula in between.


momma - November 16

when my daughter was 6 months she had an 8 oz. bottle when she gets up in the morning, about 2 hours later she eats 4 oz. of solid and the same of juice or water, the folowing meal was the same then another 8 oz. bottle and another 4 oz of solid with 4 oz. of liquid. now at 7 months she eats 6 oz of solids 2x a say (still having 4 oz. liquid with it too) but as long as he seems satisfied and isnt getting upset tummy or gaing too much that should be fine


Kathryn - November 16

Thanks! I thought I was giving him too much but, maybe I'm not giving him enough.


Steven's Mom - November 16

Hi,my son will be 5 months the day before Thanksgiving. I'm not sure if I'm giving him too little or too much either. I give him 3 TBS of rice cereal mixed with formula and a 2.5 oz of fruit in the morning and in the evening I gave gim the same amount of rice but with 2.5 oz of vegetables! Since he has been on his fruit he doesn't like his rice cereal as much,it's starting to worry me. I think there is other cereal he can have though. And of course his Similac..Good luck


d - November 17

I follow the Public Health Guide: For 6-9 months: Breastfeed on demand or give 3-5 bottle formula feedings every 24 hours. Introduce rice /barley cereal. Start with 2-3 teaspoons, then increase to 4 table spoons twice daily. Offer pureed cooked vegetables and later (8-9 months old) mashed cooked vegatables of 4-6 tablespoons daily. Offer pureed cooked fruits of 6-7 tablepsoons daily. May give egg yolk hard cooked and softened with water, meat, fish, chicken, tofu, well cooked beans of 1-3 tablespoons daily. --------------For my 8 month old, I replaced two bottle feedings with cereal. By noon I give him cereal with fruit and in the evening I give him cereal with a vegetable. The meats I'm holding off till 9 months.------------------------- From 9-12 months: formula is 3-4 feedings every 24hrs or breat feed on demand. Cereal(oatmeal, corn, wheat can now be introdced also) of 8-10 tablespoons daily. You give mashed vegatebles 6-10 tablespoons daily. Cooked pureed fruits 6-10 tablespoons daily. Water to drink up to 4oz daily. Cheese, egg yolk hard cooked, yogurt not less than 3.5 % fat, chopped beef, chicken, fish, tofu, beans give 3-4 tablespoons daily. NO honey, fresh citrus fruits, egg white, strawberries, kiwi, peanuts in the first year.



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