How Much Should I Play With Her

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DB - March 13

My dd is 6 weeks old and starting to stay awake for longer periods. I feel like during these times I should be talking to her and stimulating her. Sometimes she seems entertained, cracking a few smiles...other times she seems uninterested and will just stare off. I really don't know how much I should be playing with her. Sometimes she'll be in her swing and she's wide awake and I feel guilty doing housework when she's awake, but sometimes there's just so much to get done.... Anyone know?


ash2 - March 13

Babies are really easy to entertain at this age....lay her on your lap and clap your hands in front of her top play "patty cake ".....get a book and read to her, even though she does not understand, hearing a mother's voice is could lie her on her belly and see if she can raise her head a little to look at you. could walk around the house and show her bright things to look could get a toy that makes noises and sings and lay her on your lap and show her the toy and let her reach for it...just to name a few !


eclipse - March 13

Just play with her until it seems she is overstimulated, then let her rest. They tend to look away when overstimulated. Take her for a walk in the stroller-if you are somewhere warm-outside, if not, go to a local mall-tummy time, mirrors are always a big hit, anything bright and shiny is good. Just spend at least a little time each day - maybe an hour? My son wasn't as into playtime at that age, just more looking around. He is now though-he is almost 4 months. Get the housework done while you can!!! You can always put her in a sling, like a baby bjorn and carry her with you while you do housework if you feel guilty. :)


sahmof3 - March 13

I agree w/ eclipse... when they seem uninterested they are usually overstimulated and just want to relax and observe their surroundings. She's learning about the home and her surroundings just hearing and watching you go about your housework, as well :-)



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