How Much Should Newborns Sleep

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Sarah - October 22

How much do newborns usually sleep everyday? Did/does yours have a sleeping pattern? My baby seems to sleep almost all day. She wakes up to eat every 2 or 3 hours when I change her diaper. Sometimes she will stay awake for half an hour or so, but then it's right back to sleep. She was 5 pounds 6 ounces when she was born, and at 6 days she was 5 pounds 12 ounces. She doesn't have jaundice or anything, the midwife says she's doing very well, but I didn't ask her about her sleeping because it didn't come to mind at the time. When do they start sleeping less and devlop some sort of regular pattern?


ally - October 23

how old is she? they literally sleep all day. My daughter is 5 months now and if she didnt wake for a burp sometimes during sleep she still can sleep 6 hrs in the day, 3 in the morning and maybr 4 later on, some just like to sleep but as for newborns they definitely spend most of their time sleeping,


Jbear - October 23

My daughter is 2 months and she sleeps less, now, but she hasn't got any sort of pattern. Some days she's up all day and some days she's up all night. I remember when my older daughter was a newborn, I had to wake her every two hours to eat, by doctor's orders, and I was worried that all she did was eat and sleep, but the doctor pointed out that if it took me half an hour to feed her each time, she was really up at least six hours a day. It's much nicer when all they do is sleep than when they get older and only want to sleep six or seven hours a night, with no naps. That's the stage my three year old is at now.


Bohnwin - October 23

My daughter Vanessa woke up about every 4 hours for feedings during the day, and slept through the night. (I carried her most of the time while I was in Guam, and so she thought that day in the States was night, and night was day.) It's pretty common for babies to have their nights and days mixed up when they are born. But, if your baby is sleeping alot, and only waking up for a little bit, as long as they are eating well, and putting on weight, they are probably ok. Babies sleep ALOT during their first weeks of life. Trust me, if they are hungry, they'll let you know. That was the one thing that really ticked me off about the nurses at the hospital I delivered at... My daughter would be sound asleep in the nursery, and they would wake her up because it was "time to eat"... as soon as I took her out of her ba__sinet, she would fall asleep in my arms before latching on, and I would fall asleep shortly after. The nurses would take her back to the nursery, and she would sleep through the rest of the night. She's now 20 months, and everyone asks me if she's almost 3 years old because she's so tall, and so vocal. If your baby is putting on weight, and developing normally, let her sleep as much as she wants. It's different for each baby of course, but yours should develop a pattern after a month or so. Your actions have alot to do with that pattern... i.e. feed her often throughout the day, but let her sleep through the night, and your baby will be on your daytime schedule. But, if she is waking up during the night because she is hungry, definately feed her. Eventually she will be more on your schedule. I was lucky because my daughter was concieved on Guam Time (as I said before). Bottom line, babies do sleep ALOT. Let them sleep. They have plently of time for being awake.


Sarah - October 23

She's only 9 days old so I expected her to sleep alot, it just seemes like all she does is sleep. She pretty much sleeps thruogh diaper changes, and when she's awake for those brief moments I feed her for about 15 mins before she falls back alseep. Just wanted to make sure it's normal ... thanks!


Heidi - October 23

My baby girl will be 2 wks old on Tuesday and that's all she does too, eat and sleep, eat and sleep, she sleeps about 3 hours and then wakes and eats for 15-30 minutes and she's right back to sleep. Sometimes she'll lay in her ba__sinet and just look around and make funny noises and I just let her have her awake time as long as she's not crying. She's usually asleep within a 1/2 hour though. I let her set her eating schedule. Sometimes she feeds for 10 minutes and other times it's 30-40 minutes! She's up every three hours at night too to feed. I'm b___stfeeding.


Bohnwin - October 27

Heidi, by my philosophy you are doing everything fine. To everyone, as long as you baby is gaining weight, and "thriving" on whatever schedule you have them on, or they are setting for themselves, it is O.K. I let my daughter set her own feeding schedule. Although it may be a little draining on the moms, I believe it to be better for the babies. Like I said, Vanessa slept ALOT during her first weeks of life. Now, at 20 months, I have to make her go to sleep. (Just FYI, most of your body's growing and regenerative processes happen while you are sleeping.) Best of luck to all of the new moms!!!



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