How Much Should They Be Eating

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KDF - November 21

My DS is 1 week old and I am feeding him both br___t milk and formula. My question is howany oz's should he be eating at one sitting and how often? He sleeps so well that I end up waking him in the night to eat b/c I am paranoid that he is starving!!! I know every baby is different but I would just like an idea of what othrers are doing. Many thanks! Kim


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - November 21

My daughter ate 2 oz every 2 hours, day and night. Typically doctors will tell you not to let him go past 5 hours at the most til he is older without eating. So as for the waking, I say you are doing the right thing. But the average is about 2 oz every hour, some more some less...but typically 2 oz


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - November 21

I meant 2 oz every 2 hours*


excited2bemama - November 23

At that age my lo ate every 1.5-2 hours (She is b___stfed so I don'tknow oz's) during the day and every 4-6 at night. Unless he has weight issues I would let him sleep up to 6 hours at night.


angeev - November 25

My son is 1 month old and from day one his feeding was very predictable. At that age he was eating about 3 oz every 4 hours. Now he seems to have an ounce per hour...if he has 4 oz, he will eat again in 4 hours, 3 oz and he will want more in 3 hours.


DDT - November 25

I don't think you need to wake your lo up to feed. Trust me if he's hungry he will let you know. If his weight is increasing then you have less to worry about. I also fed my lo a combination of formula and BM until he was 6wks and then I went exclusively to formula. At 1 week my ds was eating 2-2.5oz of formula and then afterwards about 10-15 mins on the b___st every 1.5-2hrs. He was always a hungry boy. He would wake about every 2-3hrs to feed at night. It was only when he was about 6wks that he would feed every 3hrs, and then the longest stretch at night was 4 hrs.


Prego1 - November 26

1 -2 oz is plenty. Their stomach is only the size of their fist. It's better to give small amounts of milk/formula more frequently rather than a lot in one sitting. When my DD was that young I did wake her up every 3 hrs to eat even at night bec. she slept so well and didn't wake up to eat. I think it's ok to wake them up at that young. Later on, you won't need to. That's what I was told by my dr. When u were in the hospital remember they would bring your baby(if he/she is not rooming in) every 2 -3 hrs to b___stfeed or to have formula.



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