How Much Should We Pay Her

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DANI - January 27

My sil will be watching my ds who is 13 mo. old once a week for about 7 hrs. She lives with us so it's very convenient for her and us. What would be fair for a whole day of babysitting? I just don't want to sound cheap or over paying either since we're dealing with family.....any thoughts? Thanks!


Jenn2 - January 27

I'm not sure where you are from, but I know around where I live most babysitters get $10/hour. I live in the southern USA


SonyaM - January 27

I pay my niece who is 16, $10.00 and hour for two kids. We live in Texas.


sophandbob - January 27

In the UK my child minder charges £93 which works out at about 182 dollars. This is roughly £18.60 a day from 8am - 3pm, which is $36. As your SIL is working for a day, then you should pay a daily rate rather than an hourly one. $70 sounds a bit much especially as she's family. What are your arrangements with regards to her living at your house as this may impact on your decision.


AshleyB - January 27

The going rate where I am here in MI, USA, is around $5 an hour per child.


ash2 - January 27

I agree with ashley b. But c'mon...she is your SIL.....can she not cut you a little break ? 5 Dollars an hour was what i paid our nanny...


Kara H. - January 27

My friend does in home day care and charges $20 per day per child. Considering the fact you let her live in your home, $20 sounds adiquate to me.


Kara H. - January 27

Just out of curiosity, does she pay you rent? If she doesn't I would say anything you give her is generous.


BriannasMummy - January 27

Where I am, the going rate for a babysitter is between 15-20 dollars per child per day. I think 20 dollars is sufficient for paying your sil. ~Kristin~


mandee25 - January 28

Around this area people only charge about $20-25 a day if they babysit them all week. I live in NB, Canada.


Rhonda - January 28

When my sister was babysitting for her friend,her friend paid her a flat rate of $20.00 a day.I guess pay her what you feel you are comfortable with paying.


livdea - January 28

comming from a professional nanny here, I've been paid $20 an hour for one child to $5 an hour for one child. Honestly 10 bucks is good...5 is not enough...$8 might be your going rate! ask her how she feels about it and figure it out between the two of you! $20 a day is DEF NOT enough!!! especially if she is only doing it once a week, it's just not worth it.


Kara H. - January 28

livedea - I would think that you as a professional nanny, your services would be worth SO much more than somebody just babysitting in their free time. I'm sure you also provided developmental, and educational service to your clients where they sis will probably just be keeping the child fed and dry while she works - probably nothing more. A good nanny is worth her weight in gold!!


Keli - January 28

$25 ?


CaliTrish - January 28

Where I live in Northern California, the going rate for family daycare is $225/week ($45/day). My daycare provider charges $10/hr for after hours babysitting, so somewhere between $45-$70 would be acceptable.


ashtynsmom - January 29

We live in Illinois and we pay our sitter $125 a week ($25 a day) But when we go out at night, we have a sitter and usually pay her around $7 an hour. If your sil lives with you, I would say $25-$30 would be addequate. I mean, it isn't like she is coming over to do it... she already lives there, plus this is her nephew. Maybe she will tell you not to worry about it!! :)



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