How Much Solid Food Does Your LO Eat

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JessC531 - February 14

My dd is 6 months old, and I'm feeding her solids twice a day. In the morning she gets cereal and fruit, and at night she gets veggies and fruit. I'm just unsure of how much to actually give her. She's moving on to the stage 2 foods, which come in a bigger jar. Two full jars (for ex, one of fruit and one of veggies for dinner) seems like a lot... but maybe 2 1/2 jars isn't enough? I'm just curious what you're doing. And when did you move to 3 meals a day? My dr says I can now, but I'm not sure yet... Thanks!


JessC531 - February 14

Just to clarify... I meant 1/2 a jar of each - for a total of one full jar. :)


Krissy25 - February 14

Hey Jess, here is what we are doing and Jacquelyn is 6.5 months now. Around 5 am i b___stfeed her about 5 min. and around 7:30-8am she takes maybe about 1.5 oz of rice cereal. between breakfast and dinner i b___st feed her about 4 times and the she takes about 2 oz of a veggie or fruit. and then she will bf one more time and go to bed. So it's not a whole lot of food but she doesn't seem to be able to eat anymore than that. I might start food at lunch time too soon and see how that goes. I know they say not to force it but i would think she would want more, i guess she is filling up on b___stmilk.


britt_m - February 14

I had mine on 3 meals a day at that point, we started solid at 4 months. I b___stfed her before a meal and waited around 30 minutes before giving her solids. I'd give her however much she wanted. They'll let you know when they're full.


KOGreer - February 15

I didn't move my son onto three meals a day (after the Dr gave us the go ahead) until he started waking up earlier and earlier. I figured it was because he was hungary, and it was time to step it up. He was about 6.5 months. Now at almost 8 months, he usually eats a ton. 1/4 cup of cereal morning and night, plus sometimes up to 7 jars of food a day. We recently moved to stage three, but I am not giving him any of the real chunky dinners yet. But he EATS! I also BF.


excited2bemama - February 15

WEll my 8.5 month old is just starting solids.. she isn't a big fan of the spoon- she prefers to feed herself... - I don't really do meals with her.. she usually wants to eat when we eat.. we eat dinner after she goes to bed so she usually eats some rice cripies or organic oat toasties and maybe some banana or applesauce.. lunch- she usually eats what we are eating.. leftover rice, pasta, chic,.. and sometimes in the afternoon she wants a snack when I am snacking.... I am trying not to do dairy or wheat with her as she has a sensitive tummy and still spits up a few times a day. I just tear what we are eating into teeny tiny chunks- as long as its soft ( chunks smaller than a pea) and she self feeds.- she also nurses 8-10 times a day.- There aren;t really set rules to solids... go with the flow.. and try not to drop a nursing session or bottle till around 8/9 months at the min as b___stmilk or formula has more calries and fat that pureed fruits veggies or cereals.


wailing - February 15

We're starting 3 meals at 8 months per my pedi. He gets a 7-8 oz bottle in am, 1 hr later 3 TBLSP of cereal and 2.5 oz's fruit (full small jar). He does 4 total bottles a day (the 2 middle are only about 4-5 0z's) Lunch is fresh fruit and veggie (banana, pear, potato, peach, cheerios, peas, etc) then dinner is 3 TBLSP oatmeal w/ 1/2 large jar veggie (stage 2)


lily10 - February 15

When my dd wakes in the am she drinks around 3-6 oz then she eats a whole stage 2 jar of fruit that I mix with some oatmeal. Then she has 2 more bottles throughout the day and at night we feed her a jar of veggies and just 2 days ago I introduced meats. My dd is 7.5 months old and I think I am going to move up to 3 meals at 8 months.



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