How Much Solids For A 7 Month Old

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Kristine - October 23

Hi ladies, My dd will be 7 months old this week. I still bf her and she's 16 pounds. I wondered when I should increase her solids. Typical day is: breakfast of 4 tbs. of cereal and 4 oz. jar of fruit or veggie, snack at noon of 4 oz. jar of fruit or veggie and supper of 4 tbs. of cereal and 4 oz jar of fruit or veggie. Is she getting enough solids at this point???


DDT - October 23

It sounds to me like she is doing great! My ds is 8 months old but his solid intake hasn't changed since he was 6 months. He eats about 6tbsp cereal for breakfast, 6tbsp fruit or fruit/yogurt combo & 6-7tbsp veggie/meat or veggie/bean combo for dinner. I also offer him finger foods after every meal which he usually just plays with. BTW he weighs 20lbs.


cubbie - October 23

My dd just turned 7 months today, she eats 4oz cereal for breakfast followed by a couple of pieces of fruit in her feeder, one cup of a mix of vegies, meat/chicken/tofu, and lentles/rice/wheat/barley for lunch and one cup of fruit for dinner, I haven't started offering her finger foods yet. She weighs a little under 16lbs


Kristine - October 23

Sounds like I am doing okay comparable to you ladies. Thanks so much for your feedback! I haven't introduced meats yet because to me it means she's not a little baby anymore! lol*******What brands are you using? I use Earth's Best and Gerber Organic.


DDT - October 23

I make home-made baby food but sometimes use a jar (especially fruit because lots of them are out of season right now which means they are very expensive or impossible to find). When I use jars I get Gerber or Gerber Organic.


madison - October 23

i was wondering the same thing for my 7 month old. i dont "measure" the amount of cereal i give her for breakfast but i am guessing its about 3 tablespoons, mixed with a little fruit. sometimes she will eat about 1/2 a container of fruit also. lunch she eats about 1 jar of babyfood (usually half a veggie and half a fruit) and the same for dinner. so, in all, she eats about 2 or 2 1/2 jars of babyfood a day, and cereal 1 x a day. she's little, only 14 lbs. does this sound like enough? some days she will stop eating and other days i stop when she finishes the jar, maybe i should offer her more??? i met someone the other day who gives her 7 month old 5-6 jars of babyfood a day, plus cereal! but he was 21 lbs so a big boy!


SaraH - October 23

If they want more give it to them. When they are full they'll let you know. My 6.5 month old has been eatting solids for about 2 months now. She LOVES her solids. She eats about 1/2-1 cup of solid veggies or fruit 2-3 times a day (sometime for breakfast she just wants a snack not an actual meal). She nurses about 5 times a day. She lets me know whenever she is done and is very clear if she is still hungary. As long as they are still taking their formula or nursing regularily then it's fine to give them the solids they want as by now most of them can tell you if they are done eating.



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