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CassieSong - May 19

My dd is about 5.5 months old. She started solids at 4 months and now is mainly eating solids. Boy does she eat a lot! Anyway, since solids are her main form of nutrition now, how much should she be getting to drink? I try to encourage the bottle (she is formula fed) but she resists it during the day. The only time I can get her to drink is before nap time when she is sleepy and before bedtime (when she is sleepy again). Now she has a cold too and I really want her drinking her fluids... how much is enough? Currently, she is only drinking about 18oz a day.


pbj - May 19

Their main source of nutrition should remain formula or b___st milk until age one. I would suggest lowering the amount of solids she takes in, she should still be taking in about 27-32 oz of formula/ bm a day. I suggest visiting and/or


Ca__sieSong - May 19

Anyone? How much does your 5 or 6 month old drink/eat? Any tips to get her to drink more?


AmandaManns - May 19

My little guy will be 5 months old tomorrow and we started him on solids at 4 months, by doctors orders and he will eat about 1/8 cup of cereal in the morning, at lunch he will eat a 1/2 jar of some kind of veggie and at dinner he will eat 1/2 jar of fruits and then before bed another 1/8 cup of cereal. He will eat about 26-30 oz of formula a day. My doctor told me that his main nutrition should be coming from his formula and that when he starts solids he should continue to drink the same amount of formula he drank before he started solids. I believe that your daughter should be drinking more formula and maybe you should talk to her pediatrician.


Shea - May 19

I always give my son his bottle first, then offer solids about 15-20 min later. That way he is hungry and will take the bottle.


JEN - May 19

Ca__sieSong- my 5.5 month old ds usually eats 35-40 oz of formula per day along with 2 feedings of rice and veggies or fruit. ( he is a big guy!) I agree with the other moms- your daughter should probably be having a little more formula- maybe ask your ped. I would probably offer the formula first and follow with the solids, although she will probably resist in the begining. Also, if she eats a lot of cereal you could mix it with formula instead of water or juice...? Just see what your doc says.


Ca__sieSong - May 19

I've tried offering the bottle first, but she still rejects it. I will keep encouraging it though and I will try to feed her less solids.


Nerdy Girl - May 20

My 6 month old takes ~30 oz formula each day, plus 3 solids meals.


JAI - May 20

My little guy Jordan has 32oz of formula and plus he eats cereal when he wakes up and before bed and has veggies for lunch and usually fruit later in the afternoon as a snack.


TinaMarie - May 21

My daughter is 6 months and I just asked this question when we were at the docs on Friday. He said she was right one the money by eating 30-36 oz of formula and 3 solids a day. I do the same thing Shea said. I always give her the bottle first and then feed about 20-30 mins afterwards.


nic nac - May 21

Ca__sieSong, the girls are right. When my dd turned 4 months (she is now 4.5 months) my ped, said she could start solids because she was eating 28 -30 oz. of formula a day. When I started her on solids she immediately went down to 18 oz. of formula and i was only feeding her solids at dinner time. I cut out the solids all together and she went back to drinking 28oz. The ped said that she couldn't go below 24oz of formula. So i am just giving her formula and will try solids when she is 6 months.


olivia - May 21

Just a thought here.... make sure the nipple on the bottle you are using has a fast enough flow. She might be not wanting it because it is too slow and she is more used to instant gratification from the food. Maybe you already did this, but just thought I'd check. (my dd is pretty impatient with slow bottles). Also, if she can sit up she might like to drink from a cup a bit. Good luck.


ash2 - May 21

well i really think this is a question for a pediatrician, what i did is when i fed my son baby food with a spoon, i would fill the jar up with a little water after the feeding and give him "bites " of water after he ate. that way he would get his fluids and water.



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