How Much Water

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me - December 22

I gave my 51/2 mth baby sweet potatoes today and he loved it. The thing I need to know is how much water do you normaly give yr baby when you start giving her solids?


KFish - December 23

I did not give my baby any water until he was a year old. I only gave b___stmilk when i fed him solid foods.


Toya - December 23 pediatrician said even when they start solid foods, water isn't necessary until 1 year of age.


TC - December 23

Again, just like the rice cereal topic, a lot of conflicting answers will come up. To be honest, when it comes to water, if you did research on it you will see that so many pediatricians have very different point of views. Some say not so much, some say not at all until one and then some say only when they get solids. Speak to your ped and see what they say. I personally am giving my son water when he starts solids. Only a few sips bc it really is not going to hurt. To each its own.


Narcissus - December 23

It's not necessary... But, babies get thirsty so give a little bit of water here and there if you think your baby is thirsty, esp with the dry weather. Aja like a cup with water at meal times. He takes small sips but there is no amount he has to have. He is plenty hydrated with his formula. Extra water does help their skin, according to Dr Sears Baby Book. That's the only real benefit.


Stevens Mom - December 23

I just had my sons 5 1/2 month appointment and his Dr. said 2-3 oz a day,in the hotter weather more. I also got the o.k. to give my son baby juice and he doesn't really like it. He kind of chokes on it I thnk because the juice is so thin compared to the formula..


Narcissus - December 23

I meant Aja likeS a cup... Not Aja like a cup, lol..


lisa - December 23

my daughter is 7 weeks and has 2oz water a day, she loves it warm, doc said its fine and wont stop her b___stfeeding, she gets thirsty i guess because of centra heating


mom42 - December 23

I didn't give water until she was over 1 year.


me - December 23

Thanks for answering my question ladies. I normally give him few spoons of water, but I guess I'd better ask the pedi just to make sure. Have a merry christmas everyone!!!



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