How Often Does Your 5 Month Old Poop

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ry - August 29

mine hasnt gone in almost 3 days and has been miserable with teething. should i be concerned?


Rabbits07 - August 29

Ds is 5 months and had been going every other day since about 6 weeks old, but sometimes he will go 2-3 days without and then go 2-3 times in one day (to make up for lost time I guess :-) What is her typical pattern??? I wouldn't really be concerned at this point...alot of times they get diarrhea with teething from all the saliva so it's good that she hasn't. I wouldn't think that the teething had any relattion to it though. If she seems uncomfortable and still hasn't went in the next couple of days maybe try some glucose water or prune juice (or even prune baby food if she's doing solids already).


ry - August 29

Thanks for your quick reply rabbits! She normally goes every other day. Honestly I just realized she hasnt gone because I have been so preoccupied with her teething and was concerned because i have been giving her tylenol for 3 days straight now.


ca_pink - August 30

Our dd poops about once every 3-4 days. Once she went as long as a week and our pedi wasn't concerned. The pedi said we should bring her in if she goes longer than 10-14 days.


bbm - August 30

Mine goes twice a day but he's on formula and fruit and rice. He's 5 months this week.


jas - August 30

My 5 monther (wow, has it been that long already??) poops every 2-3-4 days... He is formula and cereal fed.


ry - August 30

doctor told me to give her apple juice and it worked a little. i would have thought she was way too young but i guess not...thanks for your replies!


Rabbits07 - August 30

They can start having juice daily (small amounts) at 6 months (our babies are growing up!) Mason's 4 month developmental sheets that he got at the doc also stated that they can have 2 oz. adult prune juice mixed with 2 oz. water for constipation at that young.



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