How Often For Sex

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AnytimeLittleone - February 10

Before I found out I was pregnant... usually 2ce a week. Now that Im pregnant again, and taking care of a 6 month old, poor dh isnt getting any s_x at all until I sort out some medical issues. I try to relieve him in other ways though... he'll be very glad when he can have s_x again, he keeps attacking me!


momma0710 - February 12

Now that my daughter is on a good sleep pattern we do every night (sometimes 2) and we have date night every other weekend and thats when the real fireworks happen dinner, drinks, movies and s_x!! At least 3-4 times on date night (my mom keeps my daughter overnight and into the morning) when she was sleeping with us we would find time for quickies but it was only about 3-5 times a week at that point. Before my daughter we did every night so it's nice to be back where we were!! Trust me find the energy nothing makes me feel better than connecting with him and have a nice big "O" to top off the night...tmi sorry


jwhite - February 12

you all are beating me, we might have it once or twice a month if he's lucky and we're only 27 years old.... I feel so bad for my dh..


Heather F - February 12

Shea - ha ha - my ds likes follow up s_x to! he says that the first time is like a teaser and the 2nd time is when its best. so we do it on average eery 2 weeks with a follow up the next day, lol.


Heather F - February 12

momma - every night!!!!!!!!!!!!


Smilefull - February 12

my hubby is a horn dog, if he had his way it would be a couple of times a day---if I had my way it would be 1 a week---we've compomised somewhere in the middle...once every 2-3 days


Keli - February 12

hubby and I work opposite shifts... so we dont have much "down" time. lately its been twice a month. Except Saturday... it was our anniversary. No kids... we did the deed TWICE, in one night!


BriannasMummy - February 12

Hmm... we seem to find lots of time for s_x.. LOL. I think we must have s_x at least 5 times a week. I guess my girls are good to me. ~Kristin~


LollyM - February 13

Dh and I usually have s_x about 5 times a week. Yes I am exhausted at the end of the day, but dh has a very healthy s_x drive and just seems to be able to talk me into it time and time again lol. He's so persistent! Before I got pg, we had s_x 2-3 times a day, so 5 times a week doesn't seem like a whole lot now!


Kara H. - February 13

On average 2-3 times a week. We have the "5 minute rule" which is if one person wants s_x and the other doesn't, the one who wants it has five minutes to try to convince the other to have s_x by any means necessary. If the uninterested person is still not int he mood after the 5 minutes, the subject is dropped. I can only think of 2 occasions ever when the 5 minute rule didn't end in s_x. Hubby is usually the one wanting it, so when he calls "the rule" he usually ends up giving me a back rub while sucking on the small of my back or neck. It always works like a charm! Sometimes I abuse the rule my saying that I'm not in the mood when I really am just to get an extra little attention and a back rub out of the deal ;)


Dawn - February 13

Dh and I average about once a week.


LollyM - February 13

haha, Kara H, that's pretty funny =) Sounds allot like me and my hubby =)


kvilendrer - February 13

We used to do it like 3 times a week, but since I became pregnant and I already have a toddler, it's gone down to once a week (usually Saturday night) when dh finally gets a day off and can help me with our lo.



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