How Often Should I Give My Son A Bath

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jodie - January 3

I was just curious how often most moms bathe their babies. Nick is 6 weeks old and I just wanted to know what the normal amount of baths moms give a week. Thanks!


HEATHER - January 3

I have always done every other day.


Kristina - January 3

I aske the nurse at the hospital that..and she told me as little as possible because babies skin gets so dry. She told me a max of one or 2 times a week for the first few months...but that I can even let it go to once a month. Just wash your babys face with a wet cloth everyday and in the creases and stuff.


Kristina - January 3



Heidi - January 3

I go every other day, sometimes three days if she falls asleep early or we're gone with her. I put lotion on her when we're done though.


LilMum - January 3

I was told the same as Kristina (maybe it's just an edmonton thing?). I only bath mason once or twice a week, but he hates it so I feel awful doing it.


SonyaM - January 3

We usually do every other day as well, but Mason seems to like it and I think it is good for establishing a bedtime routine. It's not really cold here (Texas-in fact it was about 84 today!!!) so I don't worry about his skin drying out too much.


Toya - January 4

Every other day at that age...and then the face, neck rolls, and hands every day.


Brooke Mama Crow aka Brachah - January 4

We bathe together every single night in our big tub ... it's a special routine for us ... cuddling in the warm water and so forth ... then she's down for the night.


Brooke Mama Crow aka Brachah - January 4

Oh, forgot to mention that Hannebelle is now 8 weeks old, and we've been doing this since about 3 weeks.


TC - January 4

I bathe my 4mo old every other day or sometimes I would go twp or three days without bathing him depending on what is going on with the household. However, I wash his face, hands (bc they are always in his mouth), neck and behind the ears (he sometimes get spit-up back there) every day.


jg - January 4

Hi I bathed Elijah every second day unless there was a really big mess (quite often) until he was about 4 months old, then started every day, sometimes if need be twice a day. He just loves his bath and the only thing I try not to do is wash his hair every day or his cradle cap returns.


The real Lissi - January 4

I was told it was ok to bath Nadya every day and that's what I've done, since she was a few weeks old. She's 3.5 months now and her skin is fine. She loves her bath. I just make sure I only use plain water on her face though.


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 4

I bathe Lucas every other day.


Barb - January 4

I bathe Trinity every other day too... I always put lotion on her afterward and her skin is great, she loves her baths =)


Shannon - January 4

i do it once a week. my mom said when we were little (she had 5 kids) she'd give us a bath only once a week too. babies don't really get that dirty (unless their diapers leak or something). just make sure you clean between the folds of their skin,under the neck and armpits and stuff, cuz milk and stuff seems to collest there. i do it with a baby wipe.


Shelly - January 4

I bath Jesse every day,it's part of his bed time routine,but I started it when he was 7 weeks old,before it was a sponge bath!!



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