How Often To Feed At 6 Weeks Reflux Suggestions

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Yolland - April 9

I have been told by my mid-wife that you can never overfeed a br___t fed baby. I have been told by the doctor to feed every 3 hours from the end of the feed to the start of the next. Currently I am feeding approximately every 3 hours from the start of each feed during the day, but can go between 4-6 hours at night. I feel fine about this, as this is what I think my daughter is asking for. However she seems to have bad reflux and I am scared it could be because I am over feeding? How often do people feed at 6 weeks (although I know every baby is different)? How do people deal with reflux? I am feeling bad because it is obviously painful for the little one.


angelkitty - April 12

I suggest feed on demand - that is what I am doing with my son. I agree - you cannot overfeed a baby. My son is 4 months and he has reflux as well. I was not a fan of putting him on zantac but I believe the benefits outweigh the risk. Reflux is so common in babies - but I did not know that until I had one. It is just one of those things they will have to outgrow. Also, do not be surprised if you see a lot of drooling aound 2 1/2 - 3 months - I thought my son was teething early but it was reflux related. And the spitting up usually peaks around 4 months...for son it seemed to peak around 3 1/2 months. I wish you the best.


divvyblonde - December 29

my son was terrible. he would have his feed and the barf most of it back up. then as he started to want more he stopped. so if he had 3oz he barfed it up of he had 6 oz he wasnt so bad???? confused well i was. Wasnt until we had to start weaning him at 8 weeks as he was 17ish lb and wanting 9oz every hour on teh hour and generally not happy. once we started watering down rusks and giving him apple purees and custards etc etc he was perfectly fine. Im not sayin yours needs to be weaned as i belive my lad was very very early but he was a big baby not fat just very long.



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