How Often U Change Diaper During Night

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GC - April 25

Hi, how often to change the diaper for 4 weeks old baby during night time?. My son is 4 weeks old and we change his diaper every 3 to 4 hrs during night and every 1 or 2 hrs during day time. how about u all?


Sarahsmommy - April 25

As long as she hasn't pooped I don't change my babies diaper at all during the night, my peds office told me you don't have to. During the day I just change it when she's wet. I think that every 1-2 hours is alot. I probably go at least 3-4 hours inbetween diapers changes. I do try to change poopy diapers pretty quick.


Rabbits07 - April 25

My little guy is 3 1/2 weeks old. I change him right before I put him to bed around 11pm and when he gets up around 2-3am and again at 5-6am. He has usually had a bm everytime. Through the day I usually change him every couple of hours, too (sometimes more often). He has ALOT of poopy diapers and I have found out very quickly that his little bottom is very sensitive. I've been putting a small amount of cornstarch in his diaper to help absorb when he has a bm because he gets irritated so fast.


pbj - April 25

My LO is 5 months old and I never change her diaper at night, but of course she sleeps through the night now. When she was your LO's age I changed her at night if she pooped, other than that I let her be. I found that it woke her up and she then did not want to go back to sleep.


Lisastar9 - April 26

I just had mt third baby abd he is 5 weeks old now...I have a soaker pad like the ones the hospital uses and I don't change id diaper anymore at night time ..we co sleep and I b___stfeed too. If he poops he has to wait till morningto be changed ,I do this to help them learn how to sleep at night and to poo during the day.


Lisastar9 - April 26

I believe I stopped changing his diaper at 3 1/2 weeks at the latest.


Jamie - April 26

I don't change her diaper at all at night, because it would wake her up. Also, since we've been working on potty training, I only change her diaper after naps during the day - she goes in the potty the rest of the time. She's not quite 9 months old. I will say good for you, changing his diaper that frequently during the day, especially if you're using disposable diapers. I personally think it's disgusting to force our children to sit in their own waste products - which is why I decided to potty train my daughter so young. Disposable diapers especially do not "breathe" well, and so don't let air in to your LO's sensitive skin. Frequent diaper changes is the best thing you can do to prevent diaper rash.


Jenn2 - April 26

Jamie- I would love to know how you are training your 9 month old to be potty trained?


Jamie - April 26

Sure! I spent 3 days of her in no diaper, watching her very closely; I learned how she acts before she pees and before she poos. I also learned when she would need to pee/poo, in relation to when she had last eaten. Now I am able to read her signs, and put her on the potty when she needs to go. As someone else put it in another thread, it's more that I'm being potty trained than she is - but at the same time, she won't have to un-learn going potty in the diaper, so we're both being trained that the potty is the place for elimination.


Shea - April 26

I change my ds before I feed him each time, that way if he is more awake after changing, the feeding will put him back to sleep - also I would think it would be easier to go back to sleep when you are clean and dry. I will say that I do not turn on lights, etc. so have a night light on instead and even though hard to do w/ poopy diaper, it keeps ds more asleep.


Rabbits07 - April 26

hey, I just come across an article in the April issue of American Baby on potty training infants---apparently it is common in other countries.


Jamie - April 27

Yep, it's pretty much the Western world that waits until toddler-hood to potty train. I've often found it interesting, that there are moms who research the heck out of everything from immunizations to circ_mcision to the type of fabric in their kids' clothes, but when asked why they're going to wait until the child is "ready" to start potty training, they don't have an answer. I asked the question of "why do I have to keep changing these nasty disgusting poopy diapers" and found the answer for myself - I don't HAVE to, it's NOT part and parcel of the whole mothering gig. Potty training doesn't have to be any more emotionally involved than riding in a carseat or eating in a high chair. We start from the beginning on those, so why not start from the beginning on the potty? The baby doesn't need to be able to control bowels/bladder, he/she just needs to be able to communicate a need. They can communicate an empty belly pretty darn effectively - and if you pay attention, they really do communicate the full bladder, etc - it's just a more subtle communication.


Jamie - April 27

Oh, and I actually group Europe with the "west" in my generalization. I know that the UK does delayed potty training, too.


Rabbits07 - April 27

The article was really interesting. The lady that wrote the article tried it, but said she just didn't have the tolerance for it. I imagine it would take alot of discipline on the mother's part, but I guess it would be well worth it in the long run.


ry - April 27

Hi GC i am like you, my little one seems to poop constantly and i change her right after every bm and pee which is about every 1-2 hours. at night i change her when she wakes up BEFORE her feedings (shich is hell since shes starving and flipping out that i have her bare bum out in the cold!) but its about 3-4 hours. her poor little bum is still irritated though.


Rabbits07 - April 27

ry, my little guy was staying irritated, too. I started putting a little pure 100% cornstarch in his diaper between each change and it has worked wonderfully, especially with the bm's it soaks it right up. With a girl I'd aske my ped (my ped said to do it, but I have a boy) as little girls have other parts---you know what I mean...but it has been wonderful for us.


Bonnie - April 27

Unless Mason wakes up crying I don;t change him. But if he wakes up I will.



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