How Old Your Infant N Howmuch She Eats

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HP - October 18

How old is your infant and howmuch he / she eat each feeding? My son is 3 weeks old, and he eats 3-4 OZ every 2 - 3 hours.


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 18

My son is 2 mos old and probably takes about 30-32 oz a day. Sometimes he takes 3 oz and sometimes 5oz, sometimes he goes 4 hours between bottles and sometimes only 2, he is hard to pin own. But he has to have rice cereal in his bottles due to reflux and before that he was taking too much formula, so the cereal has helped get him to where he needs to be. I have also started giving him oatmeal from the spoon so he learns how to eat from one. Sounds like your baby is right on track. My little chunk weighed in at 14 lb 8 oz yesterday!


Fabienne - October 18

my son is 4 months old and eats about 24 oz in formula, the rest is b___stmilk so hard to say what he takes - he eats every 4 hours - less sometimes - he hardly eats at night - he weighs 15.7 lbs -


Lissi - October 18

I b___stfeed, but when I express a bottle, my 1month old drinks 4-5 oz usually. I feed her every 2-3 hours during the day, but at night she can go for 4-5 hours without a feed. It varies widely though, depending on her mood.


Toya - October 19

My baby girl is a little over 5 months and I'm still nursing her so it's hard to tell how much she takes in..She eats every 3-4 hours, sometimes more frequently. I am starting to wean her on Nestle's Good Start Supreme.


krystal - October 19

my son is 5 weeks old and i b___stfeed so hard to tell what he's getting. But when he takes a bottle of expressed milk he drinks about 4.5 ozs and then stops. this is every 2-3-4 hours as well. listen to them they'll let you know


momma - October 19

my 6 mo. eats 2 8 oz bottles 4 oz of cereal, and 4 oz of veggies and 4 oz of fruits and 2 to 6 oz of water (and or) watered down juice but the doc says sh is healthy (she had her checkup yesterday)


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 19

My almost 6 month old eats 4 8 oz bottles a day 4 oz of cereal in the morning and 4 oz of veggies at night (we are waiting just a little longer on jar fruits) during the day she will snack on frozen bananas or blueberrys or soem other fruit in her fresh food feeder.


Lissi - October 19

This is really useful to me, because I haven't got a clue how much babies should eat when they're on solids, so thanks. :)


HP - October 19

Thanks girls. Its been very useful for me as well.. as you can tell, I'm a first time mom. My son's on Enfamil Lipil since my b___stmilk doesn't supply enough.


Tahlia's Mama - October 19

She is almost 6 months old and has 4 x 8 1/2 oz bottles per day. I took her off solids, but will start her on again when she reaches 6 months.


Kimberley - October 20

I went to the doctors with my grandson today for his check up, and I asked the doctor how much a baby should be drinking, as the back of the formula can is only a rough guide for age. He said they should drink 150 mls per 1 kilogram (you will have to go to a conversion table for oz, as here in australia we do it by mls) I knew there was a formula somewhere, as I used to use it for my 2 youngest babies, 12 years ago. So as long as they are getting the minimum they require all is good :)


Kimberley - October 20

OOPS, as an added bit for the post above, the 150 mls per kilogram body weight is PER DAY. My grandson weighs 4.7 kilo's, he should be drining 705 mls per day, he at present drinks between 730 mls and 780 mls. We wrote down how much per feed he was having for each 24 hour period. He has around 5-6 bottles a day, and sleeps 11 hours nearly every night, he is 12 weeks old, but stays awake a lot during the day only having cat naps, which is probably why he does zonk out at is just to d__n nosy during the day to miss out on anything.



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